Prune Peeling

How to crop a peachThe peach grows very quickly, so regular peach pruning allows not only to form the right crown, but also to increase the yield. Usually the crown of this culture is formed in the form of a bowl.

The work on the formation of the crown usually begins with the definition of the height of the stem, usually it is 60 centimeters. At this altitude, it is necessary to leave the main branch that extends at an acute angle. The second main branch is selected through five kidneys on the other side, the third skeletal branch should be chosen so that the crown is divided into three equal parts. Also, when cutting a peach, you can form a peach tree from four skeletal branches, if they are opposite each other. In these two cases, excess shoots are removed, and the branch wire is cut over the last selected branch.

Бывают случаи, когда побегов на дереве мало и сформировать три или четыре основные ветви невозможно, тогда делают сближение пары ветвей. У персика с тремя основными ветками проводят сближение между первой и второй, а у саженца с четырьмя основными ветвями сближают вторую с третей. Также часто бывает, что саженец имеет лишь ветвь проводник, а боковые ветви формируются лишь в год посадки. В таком случае ненужные побеги нужно обрезать только после их одревеснения, иначе основные побеги, те что остались для формирования кроны могут поменять угол на более острый.

The next year, in spring, all the tops of skeletal peach branches are cut at a height above the kidney from outside the branch, this method of pruning is used in the following years. Trimming a branch above the kidney of another direction is necessary only when there is a need to change the growth of the crown in the direction necessary for the gardener. During growth, remove unnecessary young shoots, which reached 10 centimeter length. These growths are cut off on the strain and skeletal branches, and competitors are also removing branches.

In the third year of tree growth, branches of 2 order are put in place from last year's growth. The first of these branches should be at a distance of 50 centimeters from the beginning of the skeletal branch. When choosing the preference given to the most developed shoots, they prune up to 40 centimeters. In this and all subsequent years, all green shoots are removed.

For the fourth year after Peach planting Lay branches 2 order, but from the opposite side in relation to last year's branches, also produce the formation of fouling branches every 10-15 centimeters. These twigs shorten to 8 flower buds, on this the shaping peach pruning can be considered finished this year the culture begins to bear fruit.

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