Planting a peach

Planting a peachPeach, depending on the region of cultivation planted in two terms - in the spring or in the autumn. How and when to plant a peach better and will be discussed in this article.

Autumn planting of the peach is carried out only in the southern regions of the country, in this case, the freezing of the tree in winter is almost impossible, in the conditions of the middle belt of Russia and the north of Ukraine it is better to plant peaches in the spring.

Planting a peach in autumn

Passing the autumn planting of peaches, the soil around the tree must be compacted so that there is no free space near the roots. In this case, the root system will develop naturally. In spring, a good root system will form in the plants, which will eliminate the regular watering of young plants. An important moment when planting a peach in the autumn is pruning in order to form the main branches of the future crown.

Before planting the peach seedlings, a planting pit is prepared, the nutrient volume of which must be sufficient for the development of the tree at the starting stage, usually its size is 70? 70? 60 centimeters. The depth of the pit, 60 centimeters, is large enough so that the bottom layer of the soil is not recommended - it does not contain any substances useful for wood. Then, fertile soil is poured into the pit, mixed with two buckets of humus, and wood ashes are added to it to enrich the soil with microelements.

The lack of soil is replenished with the top fertile layer, pouring a height of 10 centimeters to protect the root system from frost. Then watering is done, plants spend up to 3 buckets of water. Water is poured as it is absorbed. After watering, the height of the mound is adjusted to 30 centimeters. For additional protection from wind and frost, a polyethylene bag is used in which the tree is placed, and then it is bent to the ground with the help of pegs. In such a shelter, the peach is reliably hidden from rodents and vagaries of weather.

Planting a peach in the spring

It is not always possible to buy quality peach seedlings in the spring, so peaches bought in autumn are buried for the winter, and they start planting a peach in the spring. The young tree is planted in a planting pit measuring 60 centimeters in length, width and height. The pit should be excavated from autumn, the fertile soil mixed with mineral fertilizers and humus, and the ground from the bottom of the pit removed. Leaving for winter such a useful composition of the soil, complete dissolution of organic and mineral fertilizers is achieved - in the spring it will only be necessary to plant a tree.

The future place under the peach should be illuminated by the sun and be protected from the northern winds, to protect the fence, a hedge or a wall of the building. Before planting, the roots of the peach must be refreshed, this stimulates the development of the lateral roots. After the roots are sprinkled with soil, the plants are irrigated. If necessary, watering is repeated until the peach is planted in the new soil.

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