Peach grafting

Peach graftingNot every gardener knows how to properly plant a peach - this is a troublesome business, requiring knowledge and skills. Many probably know that the peach has limited winter hardiness, but its resistance to drought is good. For the grafting of a peach, a rootstock is needed - a part of the plant on which the stalk will be fixed (usually an apricot or a tree grown from a peach bone) and a graft (a stalk of the desired variety that possesses its qualities).

Usually a peach is planted in the spring with the help of annual or biennial ripe cuttings. They are harvested at the end of autumn before freezing or at the beginning of winter, until severe frosts come. Store cuttings in the basement, you can also store in a cellar or on the street in a special shelter. In the latter case, the scions are covered with warm material, and the top is sprinkled with an 20 centimeter layer of sawdust. In the beginning of spring in warm weather cuttings are taken from the cellar or street and put in the refrigerator, where they are kept until the vaccination. The day before the vaccination, the cuttings should be inspected, the site of the cut must be renewed and put in water.

Methods of grafting a peach

There are several basic ways to inoculate a peach in the spring, which will be considered below:

- grafting of the scute into the crown of the tree. The scutum is a cut of the cuttings in the region of the kidney, one centimeter before and after it. To carry out the vaccination, you must have a sharp knife or special vaccine pruner. With the help of this tool, pricked incision is made in the form of the letter T, the inoculation is carried out in the morning or evening, when the action of the sun is minimal. The fastening point of the shield is rewound with a special tape, which is left on the tree until the scion is fully adhered to.

- ocularization is performed on two and three year old trees. This method involves the use of two or three shields on each branch. Shields are placed at a distance of 5 centimeters from each other, the places of grafting are tightly bound with a film. Approximately a month later, when the place of inoculation is grown together, the film can be removed, after that you need to cut off the branch above the site of vaccination. Place the slice cover with garden sauce.

- Improved copulation involves the use of a scion and stock of the same thickness. With such grafting of peaches on both grafted parts of the plant, slanting slices of one slope are made, parts of the tree are pressed tightly and rolled up with a film. If the stalk went into growth, young leaves appeared on it, then it is necessary to tie a tree to a peg. Strapping is removed after reaching a length of 20 centimeter.

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