Prune Peeling

How to crop a peachThe peach grows very quickly, so regular peach pruning allows not only to form the right crown, but also to increase the yield. Usually the crown of this culture is formed in the form of a bowl.

The work on the formation of the crown usually begins with the definition of the height of the stem, usually it is 60 centimeters. At this altitude, it is necessary to leave the main branch that extends at an acute angle.


Planting a peach

Planting a peachPeach, depending on the region of cultivation planted in two terms - in the spring or in the autumn. How and when to plant a peach better and will be discussed in this article.

Autumn planting of the peach is carried out only in the southern regions of the country, in this case, the freezing of the tree in winter is almost impossible, in the conditions of the middle belt of Russia and the north of Ukraine it is better to plant peaches in the spring.


Peach care

Peach careRecently, peach trees can be seen in the middle belt of Russia and Ukraine - this is due to the fruitful work of plant breeders and the desire of many gardeners to have this tree in their garden. The fruits of the peach are very tasty and healthy; The trees grow rapidly, and in three or four seasons they will give the first harvest.


Caloric content of peach

Calorie peachCaloric content of peach is small, it is only 40-45 kilocalories for 100 grams of pulp and a rich composition of vitamins, as well as minerals and trace elements. The fruit of the plant in question contains a large number of acids - citric, tartaric, malic, etc. Also in the peach you can find phosphorus and iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, E, PP, K.


Peach grafting

Peach graftingNot every gardener knows how to properly plant a peach - this is a troublesome business, requiring knowledge and skills. Many probably know that the peach has limited winter hardiness, but its resistance to drought is good. For the grafting of a peach, a rootstock is needed - a part of the plant on which the stalk will be fixed (usually an apricot or a tree grown from a peach bone) and a graft (a stalk of the desired variety that possesses its qualities).

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