Cultivation of a peach

Cultivation of a peachPeach is considered one of the most delicious fruits of the southern regions, although recently it is grown in the suburbs and in the northern regions of Ukraine. Now the breeders have brought out many varieties of this crop, so the ripening of peaches continues for a long time. In the southern regions, peach ripening begins from the last decade of June, and some gardeners manage to harvest until the middle of autumn, in the northern regions the maturation of this crop begins a little later.

Выращивание персика в средней полосе довольно проблематично. Он любит тепло и свет, деревья отличаются быстрым ростом и ранним плодоношением, которое в отдельных сортов начинается с трёхлетнего возраста. Зимостойкость этой культуры ограничена -25 градусами, хотя отдельные сорта могут выдерживать и большие морозы. Чтобы дерево не замёрзло зимой важно выбрать правильный участок под посадку персика весной или осенью. In this case, you need to take into account the peculiarities of culture - the love of warmth and light and the danger of freezing, so the terrain must be protected by a high fence or a building wall.

When growing a peach, you need to pay special attention to the light: you need to avoid neighborhood with tall trees - shading leads to a loss of yield and increased maturity of wood on young shoots, which reduces the index of frost resistance of the tree. It is risky to plant a peach in lowlands or places with low groundwater levels.

Высадку саженцев в почву производят весной до сокодвижения (март, апрель) или осенью – в начале сентября. В посадочной яме смешивают питательные вещества, необходимые для стартового развития дерева (перегной и минеральные удобрения). Все компоненты нужно тщательно перемешать, чтобы они не смогли повредить корневую систему молодого дерева.

At first, after planting the tree, it is necessary to systematically water the soil to form additional rootlets, but the water should not stagnate in the hole. The amount of water for irrigation depends on the weather. So in a drought under each tree it is necessary to pour out buckets of water on 2 with periodicity in 10 days. Also, water is needed in the tree during the ripening period, but here it is necessary to observe the norm, abundant moisturizing can lead to cracking of the fruit. A good option is the mulching of the root zone of the 3 tree with a centimeter layer of humus, which will prevent moisture evaporation and weed germination.

In the future, growing a peach is reduced to fighting pests and diseases, but this is another topic.

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