How to plant tulips in autumn


Because of their beauty, tulips are very popular all over the world. These flowers are found on clubs that meet both near administrative buildings, and located on private plots.
Today, more than 15 classes and hundreds of species of this plant are known.

Which plants will decorate the country plots

Plants to giveEach owner seeks to create a kind, beautiful country plot. For this purpose, indispensable attributes of landscape design are various flower beds and flower beds.

Beginners should not experiment with exotic whimsical flowers and trees, because they require a special way of growing.

Planting phlox

PhloxesPhlox is loved by almost all gardeners, by its popularity it probably is second only to peonies, so every flower lover has at least a few bunches of this "fiery" flower. Phlox in any greenhouse and any flower garden will add juiciness, colors, fragrance and grace. There are many varieties of these flowers, but still, when mention is made of this plant is a panicle phlox, the progenitor of all other varieties.

Landing of Astilbe

AstilbaProbably, no gardener will remain indifferent to such a beautiful plant as astilba. It is quite unpretentious and can be grown in the front garden under the windows of the house, and in large gardens, and used as a natural curb. Love this plant and landscape designers who use the plant to create colorful flower spots in the overall composition of landscape design.

Planting of pions

Peony is considered one of the most beautiful flowers, the first cultivated varieties appeared a few thousand more years in China, where it was considered a sacred flower.

Peonies are longevity and, with proper care, can grow in your garden for several decades. To choose a place for planting pions, you need to remember that this flower loves the sun and does not tolerate the wind, so it is better to plant it so that both access to the sun was maximum and that bushes or trees cover it from winds, but so that they do not cover their flowers Shadow.

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