How to plant tulips in autumn


Because of their beauty, tulips are very popular all over the world. These flowers are found on clubs that meet both near administrative buildings, and located on private plots.
Today, more than 15 classes and hundreds of species of this plant are known.

Differences are in the size of the bud and the shape of the stem, as well as in a wide variety of color shades, which vary from the usual red to the unusual dark blue.
These flowers are known to many, and even grown, but not every gardener knows how to properly plant flowers in autumn, what requirements and rules of disembarkation must be observed. In this article we will tell you how to properly prepare the soil and plant the tulips in the fall.

Determine the place for planting and prepare the soilу

In order to plant tulip bulbs in autumn, it is necessary to select not washed, even and well-illuminated areas. In the event that the site turns out to be uneven, water will accumulate in the depressions, which will lead to rotting of the bulb in summer, and in winter to freezing. If a darkened area is chosen, the stems will be twisted, and the natural color of the bud will slightly change the shade (it will become paler).
It is not recommended to plant bulbs of tulips in the soil with an increased level of acidity. Ideal soil, for the landing of tulips in autumn is considered to be a land with a neutral reaction or slightly alkaline.
Preparation of the soil should begin two months before planting. All that needs to be done is to add fertilizer when digging into the soil.
Important! As a fertilizer, only good rotted humus can be used, fresh can not be used in any case, it can lead to the appearance of fungal diseases.

When in the autumn can you start planting tulips?

Quite often practice planting tulips after the first snow falls, and this is, approximately, the end of November beginning of December. In this case, immediately after planting, the site is closed with dry foliage, lagnik and snow, which will ensure reliable protection of bulbs from frost.
Important! Plant bulbs in the early autumn should not be, since they can have time to shoot, which will lead to their death for the first time the same frost.
Too late is also not recommended to plant bulbs - they may not have time to start and also die.
It is correct to start landing only when the ground temperature at a depth of 15 cm is within + 10 degrees. To be guided only by recommendations of calendar terms should not be. Carry out a periodic measurement of soil temperature, and this will allow to determine as accurately as possible the favorable day for planting tulips in the soil in autumn.

The basic requirements that must be observed when planting tulips in autumn

Прежде чем приступить к основной части работы следует перебрать луковицы, выбираем только здоровые и крупные, после чего проводится обработка слабым марганцовым раствором. Также может использоваться любой доступный противогрибковый препарат. Приобретать луковицы тюльпанов лучше в проверенных местах: например, на

Technology of planting tulips:
- We dig and level the fertile soil layer to a depth of up to 35 cm;
- We introduce fertilizer, wood ash can be used;
- landing is carried out to a depth of up to 15 cm;
- between the bulbs should remain a free area equal to 10 cm.

Important! Small bulbs should be planted along the edge of the site, large in the center.
If the planting of tulips exactly adheres to all the recommendations and requirements, then in the spring, on the plot you can admire the irresistibility and beauty of these amazing flowers.

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