Which plants will decorate the country plots

Plants to giveEach owner seeks to create a kind, beautiful country plot. For this purpose, indispensable attributes of landscape design are various flower beds and flower beds.

Beginners should not experiment with exotic whimsical flowers and trees, because they require a special way of growing.

It is better to use proven seedlings of perennials and single-season plants, which it is desirable to acquire in proven Nurseries of ornamental plants, As well as bushes and trees adapted to the area.

If the suburban area is large, then you can not do without all sorts of paths and paths with cute curbs planted on both sides.

An excellent decoration of the metal fence will be decorative curly creepers, grapes, actinidia or honeysuckle. Separate the garden can be evergreen hedges or white lilac bushes, fragrant jasmine, viburnum or dogrose.

Seedlings on the perimeter of the countryside coniferous plants: fir, larch, thujus or blue spruce, you can achieve a touch of aristocracy in the composition of the garden.

At the threshold of the house, on the steps look great caps of blue hydrangeas in clay pots, orange marigolds or fragrant petunia.

The main thing is to correctly combine flowering plants, so that they smell and delight owners who visit their summer cottages before the first snowflakes.

There are certain rules for selecting plants for suburban areas:
• flowers are planted in the front garden near the house, well in harmony with the background of the walls;
• large land areas are decorated with large bright buds, and on a small perimeter it is better to arrange gentle, small plants of moderate tones;
• the adjacent territories in a small area are best planted with blue and purple rosettes;
Frost-resistant and shadow-tolerant trees and flowers are planted on the northern part of the garden, and on the southern part they are well adapted to bright, sunny rays and drought;
• It is important that the dacha also looks attractive in the winter, so it is worth to plant evergreen, coniferous plants and trees with a beautiful bark, such as the May briar, maple, leaved larch.

Decorate the suburban areas are quite interesting and exciting. An excellent addition to the flower arrangement will be the original flowerpots, flowerpots and amphora. If you observe all the nuances of forming a composite solution, the homestead area will look aesthetically and original.

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