Planting phlox

PhloxesPhlox is loved by almost all gardeners, by its popularity it probably is second only to peonies, so every flower lover has at least a few bunches of this "fiery" flower. Phlox in any greenhouse and any flower garden will add juiciness, colors, fragrance and grace. There are many varieties of these flowers, but still, when mention is made of this plant is a panicle phlox, the progenitor of all other varieties.

Before planting phlox, you should choose the most optimal place, which would fully meet all the conditions of growing these colors. And although they can be grown in open areas, but the best option is to place flowers under the cover of tall shrubs, so that these garden flowers were in the shade, at the hottest time of the day. Also in such places in winter a lot of snow accumulates, which serves as a reliable protection for phlox during frosty periods. Not bad if the site under the flowers will have a slight bias, so that the flowers in heavy rains and in the spring when melting snow does not flood.

As for the soil, at least phloxes can grow on any land, but the ideal option for them is medium loamy soils with neutral acidity. Very good help for the growth of flowers will be the annual introduction of manure, compost, ash and a small amount of mineral fertilizers into the soil. Without such replenishment they will have smaller inflorescences and thin stems.

Planting phlox in spring

Planted phlox in spring or autumn, in any case, about a day after 10-15 it is necessary to prepare the selected site. Thoroughly and deeply dig, cleanse of weeds, add as necessary humus, sand and organic. In the spring, nitrogen fertilizers are added directly to the holes, and phosphate and potash fertilizers fall in the autumn. In the spring planting phlox is done when the ground has thawed and shoots appeared on the bushes.

When planting shrubs should be selected plants with two or three fairly thick stems, cut off near the roots with large buds. The roots must be well developed and have a healthy appearance. When planting cuttings, preference should be given to two-year-old plants. Pits for a piece should be the size of a root lump. If the plant is already slightly podvyato, then it can be restored by supporting several hours in a solution prepared on the basis of a growth stimulant. The rhizome is placed in the pit in such a way that its upper part is a centimeter by three to four centimeters under the soil layer. After the phlox are planted, they are abundantly watered.

Planting phlox in the fall

Fall planting of phlox can stretch from the end of August to the end of October. If the plants appeared in late autumn, then they dig in, falling asleep with the roots of the foliage leaves, and leave until the spring.

It is not necessary to place plants on sites on which the snow blows in the wind in the winter, as the plants can freeze and die. Also, do not plant phlox next to trees that have a strong root surface system or in the shade of pine trees and other coniferous trees.

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