Reproduction of chrysanthemums by cuttings

Cutting chrysanthemumsChrysanthemums are one of the most loved flowers of ordinary gardeners, and it's not just about their beauty, the peculiarity of this plant is that it starts to please us with its golden flowers when all the other garden flowers have already dropped their outfits. Chrysanthemums are the last flowers of autumn, her farewell greetings.

To flowers pleased you and the next year, it is necessary to correctly carry out the process of reproduction of this plant. They are rather unpretentious and multiply easily. In amateur floriculture, two methods are mainly used: reproduction of chrysanthemums by cuttings and division of a bush. Today we will dwell in more detail on the first method.

In order for the cuttings to pass successfully, special attention should be paid to the mother material, that is, the plants from which you want to take the cuttings. They should have a good bright color and should be absolutely healthy. And one should also know that if you are going to propagate a variety with large flowers by the cuttings, then it should be done in the period from January to the second decade of June, and the cuttings of small-flowered varieties of chrysanthemum are made a month later, from February to the middle of July.

The very process of reproduction of chrysanthemums by cuttings is quite simple. In the autumn, when the flowering process is over, select suitable plants for the parameters, cut off the stems and, trying not to damage the root structure, dig up and transplant in pre-prepared bulk pots or flowerpots.

Keep the prepared material for future propagation of cuttings in a cool room, at a temperature of about 5-7 degrees. Approximately thirty days before the cuttings period, the mother material is transferred to a warmer room. Approximately one and a half weeks later a new root shoot appears, at which time the frequency of watering the plant should be increased. After 4-6 leaflets appear on the shoot, it can already be used for harvesting cuttings, the length of which should be about 6-7 centimeters and there should be several leaves on them. From each mother plant, depending on the variety, you can get from thirty to one hundred cuttings. They can be cut in about two weeks. In order for you to have an aligned material for planting, the very first cut cuttings are best not to be planted immediately, but placed them while preparing the rest in the refrigerator. After that you can plant everything at one time. In order for the rooting to be successful, it is necessary to prepare the necessary earth mixture - use better or perlite whether vermiculite with the addition of sand.

Root the prepared cuttings of chrysanthemums in ordinary poking boxes (one hundred such boxes can be planted). After planting the cuttings, you need to water them every day, as soon as you notice that the growth has become noticeable, then its rooting has been successful.

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