Reproduction of hydrangea by cuttings

Cutting is one of the easiest ways to propagate a hydrangea. If you are going to plant cuttings immediately in the ground, then harvest the cuttings of this beautiful plant best from May to mid-summer, early in the morning, until the sun began to burn. You can harvest cuttings hydrangeas and in the autumn period, then they will be planted in prepared flower pots with a rooting agent.

From the branch cut small green cuttings about a length of about ten centimeters. Gardeners who have long been engaged in cuttings hydrangeas, are advised to cut cuttings from branches on which this year there was no flower yet. If there are a lot of leaves on it, then only one or two upper leaves are left, and the others are removed. A stalk is considered good, which has several internodes. In this case, the lower edge of the cuttings, which will be placed in the prepared root, it is desirable to cut at an oblique angle. If you do not immediately root the cuttings, they store them bound in bundles.

When the hydrangea is propagated in summer, the cuttings are immersed in the earthen material by about two to three centimeters. The best temperature for rooting cuttings is 18-22 degrees. Cuttings are planted in open greenhouses or greenhouses. Closing, planted material with a plastic film is not necessary, hydrangea does not like stuffiness, and green cuttings can simply rot. It is advisable simply to make a canopy so that direct sunlight does not fall on the shoots. Spraying with water should be done every day for two to three times. Approximately through 3-4 weeks rooted cuttings hydrangeas. And they can be transplanted into the soil in a month and a half.

Transplanted shoots after a couple of weeks or two usually have at least four pairs of leaves. Now that the bush of the flower becomes lush and branched, it's time to pinch the shoot, that is, gently cut off a few apical buds. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise instead of a lush bush you will get a rare bush.

Now let's look at the process of hydrangea reproduction by cuttings in autumn and keeping them until spring. Cut off cuttings are placed in pots, which are filled with a mixture of loamy soil and sand. To avoid shoots, the land should be disinfected. In one pot it is desirable to place no more than two or three cuttings. The pot is placed in a polyethylene bag and knotted. To check and water the cuttings, the package is opened for a short period of time once a week. Rooting takes place within three weeks. Formed and fallen leaves should be removed from the pot. When the winter passes and warm spring days come, pots with shoots should be taught to open air.

And still - cuttings hydrangeas take roots quite easily, and they can be both young and already old enough to manage to grow litterless.

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