Reproduction of hydrangea by cuttings

Cutting is one of the easiest ways to propagate a hydrangea. If you are going to plant cuttings immediately in the ground, then harvest the cuttings of this beautiful plant best from May to mid-summer, early in the morning, until the sun began to burn. You can harvest cuttings hydrangeas and in the autumn period, then they will be planted in prepared flower pots with a rooting agent.

Reproduction of chrysanthemums by cuttings

Cutting chrysanthemumsChrysanthemums are one of the most loved flowers of ordinary gardeners, and it's not just about their beauty, the peculiarity of this plant is that it starts to please us with its golden flowers when all the other garden flowers have already dropped their outfits. Chrysanthemums are the last flowers of autumn, her farewell greetings.

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