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How to get a rich harvest of gooseberries: proper feeding and care of a bush

Gooseberries - a familiar berry from childhood, which grows on almost every home plot.Gooseberries - a familiar berry from childhood, which grows on almost every home plot. This shrub, giving useful and pleasant to the taste of fruits, does not require complex maintenance. Under optimal growing conditions, a good crop can be harvested from it - about 12 kg, and sometimes more. If the bushes grows a little, by simple mathematical calculations it is possible to determine how rich the berry stock will be. Fruits are suitable for eating raw, as well as for preserving tasty jam or jam.

Care of the currant

Care of the black currantCurrant is well adapted to the cold Russian climate, but without proper care even the most hardy plants can not bring a high yield, so every currant bush should be provided with proper care and care. First, let's look at a few mistakes that inexperienced gardeners allow in the care of the black currant.

Why curd currant leaves

Twist currant leavesTwisted leaves on the currant can be a sign of damage to aphids, a leafworm or a viral infection. To clarify the diagnosis should carefully inspect the leaves for pests, if you do not find them, be sure to spray the plant with an antiviral drug. If insects have been found, it is necessary to start fighting with them.

Planting of currant

Planting of currantCurrant is a source of nutrients and vitamin C, so it should grow in every garden. Crop currant bushes can be planted in both spring and autumn, depending on climatic conditions and your free time. The main thing to remember: a correct and competent landing will avoid many problems in the future. About how and when to plant a currant is best and will be discussed.

Currant Cutting

Currant cropping in autumnPruning black currants is somewhat different from other species due to some features of growth. To be more precise, the harvest on black currant bushes is formed along the entire length of one- and two-year-old shoots. Therefore, an adult bush should have 13-20 of different age branches: zero, annual and biennial. Branches, the age of which more than 2-3 years should not be left, this is due precisely to the fact that the black currant fruit caps cease to bear fruit through 1-2 years.

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