How to get a rich harvest of gooseberries: proper feeding and care of a bush

Gooseberries - a familiar berry from childhood, which grows on almost every home plot.Gooseberries - a familiar berry from childhood, which grows on almost every home plot. This shrub, giving useful and pleasant to the taste of fruits, does not require complex maintenance. Under optimal growing conditions, a good crop can be harvested from it - about 12 kg, and sometimes more. If the bushes grows a little, by simple mathematical calculations it is possible to determine how rich the berry stock will be. Fruits are suitable for eating raw, as well as for preserving tasty jam or jam.

How to feed gooseberries in autumn?

To make the bushes fruitful and by the end of the summer give an excellent harvest, you need to take care of them in the fall. The size and taste of berries depends largely on the plant variety. But do not forget about the soil, which is a source of nutrients for gooseberry. After picking berries, the shrub is deprived of useful trace elements. That is why the correct top dressing of gooseberries in autumn - an obligatory condition of care of a plant, allowing the next year to obtain a visible result in the form of a large number of berries.

Top dressing can be carried out in the first year after planting. This will allow a few years to get a large bush that can bring a good harvest. For a similar procedure, a mixture of humus, soil and sand is used. Such a composition can be added to the hole, where autumn planting of young seedlings is planned. For additional protection of the soil from pests, wood ash is introduced into it.

Step-by-step care of a bush

First you need to weed the ground around the gooseberry, remove the fallen leaves and dry twigs. Then the bush should be well watered at least three liters per plant. If the bush is old and it has branches older than five years, they must be carefully trimmed.

The further work consists in careful loosening of the ground about each planting and carrying out mulching. The final stage is the introduction of mineral fertilizer, which will feed weakened shrubs.

To prevent the defeat of gooseberry powdery mildew, it must be sprinkled with Bordeaux liquid. Careful fertilization and processing of branches with a similar composition will increase the frost resistance of the bush, allowing it to winter more easily.

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