Planting of currant

Planting of currantCurrant is a source of nutrients and vitamin C, so it should grow in every garden. Crop currant bushes can be planted in both spring and autumn, depending on climatic conditions and your free time. The main thing to remember: a correct and competent landing will avoid many problems in the future. About how and when to plant a currant is best and will be discussed.

Planting of currant in spring

Spring planting of the currant is very early, as it begins to dissolve one of the first, and it is necessary to have time before the appearance of the kidneys, so gardeners try to plant the plant in the fall. However, in the steppe regions, where snow falls very late and in small quantities, it is preferable to make a spring landing.

You can plant the currant in spring in several ways:

  • By dividing the bush: the shoot with the rootlets separates from the main bush, after which it is planted as an independent plant.
  • Planting: one of the branches is bent down and sprinkled with earth, and in autumn the rooted shoots are separated from the bush.
  • Saplings.

The soil for spring planting should be harvested in autumn. To do this, it should be dug up, weed out and fertilize with humus.

В подготовленной почве выкапываются посадочные лунки, расстояние которых между собой должно составлять 1-1,5 м, а расстояние между рядами 2м. Высаживать смородину слишком часто не стоит, так как она любит свободу и свежий воздух, к тому же за чересчур загущенными посадками сложно ухаживать. Как следствие создаются благоприятные условия для развития болезней и вредителей, а урожайность падает.

The diameter of the planting hole should be 40-50 cm and approximately the same depth. At the bottom of each pit add humus, top pour 10 cm of earth, then slightly compact and plant the seedling. It should be remembered that the roots should be wet, if it is not so, then it is necessary to soak them in water for several hours.

Seedling is planted obliquely to the depth of 3 kidneys, the roots are placed evenly in all directions, sprinkled with earth and compacted. Planted plants should be watered by: 1 a bucket of water for each bush. After completely absorbing water, sprinkle the root area with dry soil to reduce evaporation. Then watering again and sprinkle with earth.

Next, the shrubs are cut and shaped, depending on the type of currant: black, red, white or pink.

Crop planting in autumn

And yet, the best time for planting currant bushes is autumn. During the winter, the soil around the bushes will settle sufficiently and become compact, and plants with the arrival of spring will intensively grow and more easily take root.

Depending on the climatic zone, the best time to plant a blackcurrant is October or early November, that is, for 2-3 a week before the arrival of stable frosts. Preparation of the site should begin no later than two months before planting.

The remaining actions for planting shrubs are similar to spring planting, except for watering - in the fall it should be done only once. Newly planted shrubs must be prepared for the imminent wintering, then in the spring there will be no unforeseen problems.

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