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Currant preparation for winter

Currant preparation for winterCurrant is a very popular berry bushes not only because of its useful properties, but also due to its high frost resistance and ability to survive. However, it will not be superfluous to prepare the currant for winter, because no one can say how severe the coming cold will be.

White coating on currant leaves

White coating on currant leavesWhite coating on the leaves of the currant is nothing more than powdery mildew - a dangerous fungal disease. The causative agent of the infection is the fungus, which hibernates on sickly fallen berries or affected shoots. During the summer period, repeated infection occurs, which is carried out by spores of the fungus, preserved on infected currant organs. The bushes are gradually weakened, their resistance to frost decreases, and as a result, through 2-3 the plants die.

Why yellow currant leaves

Yellow currant leavesDid you notice the yellow leaves on the currant bush? It is not necessary to leave this fact without attention, since it can be disastrous for your plant. Why do the currant leaves turn yellow on the bushes? This is most often affected by two factors.

  1. Dryness of soil. Therefore, in an overly hot summer it is necessary to water and feed the bush of the currant. Only then it will give a rich harvest.
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