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Any person in the world, regardless of age and nationality, knows about the present environmental problem. It has been said many times that the result of people's activities affects this. The transition to agriculture in accordance with nature can change the current situation, and at the same time increase the quality and quantity of the crop.

Nature is our silent friend and teacher. In her wise, the common law of existence for all the inhabitants of the planet, there is a great meaning. To fully exist in the world, it is enough just to see how nature lives - mother. The day is replaced at night, the winter - in the spring, the trees fall leaves in the autumn, and the plants that gave their harvest, dying, nourish the inhabitants under the earth. Everything is cyclical and perfect. Armed with this knowledge you can become not only a good farmer, but also a person with a capital letter.

To date, there are two ways of cultivating the soil and each one deserves attention and careful study:

- mechanical;

- Manual.

The mechanical method of cultivating the land.

The mechanical method of cultivation implies the complete predominance of agricultural machinery over agrotechnical processes. The introduction of mineral and organic fertilizers, as well as the destruction of pests and diseases through chemicals.

Crop production in the country is subordinated to this kind of agriculture, and dacha parcels are processed in the same way. But if we turn again to nature, it becomes clear that some processes can and should be avoided.

In the forest, the meadow, where there is no human influence on the earth doing, it looks like this:

- nothing is dug up, and the soil is loose and structured;

- no fertilizers are introduced, and the humus component is capable of germinating any seed;

- no propolok and loosening, and moisture and heat are enough for all residents;

- различные растения живут вместе, и никто никому не мешает, а даже наоборот помогает;

- не используются яды и химические вещества, и растительность не страдает от этого;

- butterflies flutter, crawling harmful and useful beetles, insects fly and all is well and calm.

Of course, if we talk about large areas of agricultural land that are processed year after year by powerful machines that have undergone serious changes in technical characteristics, they are difficult to handle differently. It is still risky to apply the way of natural farming, but dacha plots with a small size are already ready to take on a new crop cultivation in agrotechnics.

The manual way of cultivation of the earth.

Do not be afraid of the name - the manual way of processing the land. This does not mean that you have to mess around in the garden from morning till night, without bending your legs and back. In nature, after all, this is not, and knowledge of its laws will help start the application of natural farming in practice, carefully introducing changes and additions. Absolutely not exclude the use of mechanical means, such as motor blocks. Especially, today they are represented by a huge number of their species, that you can easily find it, for example, via the Internet at, Based on the requirements imposed on it.

1. Distribution of the site to beds and flower beds, obordyurivanie any material available in the arsenal of the owner of the suburban area. The length can be any, and the width is up to one meter, for the convenience of processing, so that you can reach the plants in need of attention.

2. Filling the garden with organic. The bottom is lined with dry, coarse waste (branches, construction debris), then a green, juicy mass (grass, cleaning from vegetables, fruits, tops) and a ten-centimeter layer of fertile soil. The filling goes to the very top with the above materials in the same algorithm.

The main task of any naturalist or representative of the manual method of cultivation is the reproduction of soil useful livestock, microorganisms that can revive fertility and improve the quality of the crop. And the inhabitants of the earth feed on decaying waste, so the bed should always support their life. Provided that the year-round replenishment is carried out, this will be carried out and lead to an improvement in the quality and structure of the soil without digging and interfering with the growth of vegetation.

If the landing time falls in the spring, the fenced construction can be effective for any plants, only in case of full filling of the hole, in another case, suitable crops that do not require additional conditions - this may be pumpkin, potatoes and others that can grow on Compost piles. Over time, the soil in the garden will turn into a real paradise for gardener. Mixed planting will allow to abandon the desire to destroy pests, because in a variety of odors they will be lost and refuse to live on the site. Weeds mowing between the rows, not having time to gain seed, will provide plants in the beds with mulch and free organics. Which, in turn, will be saved from heat and lack of moisture. And all these activities will allow you to spend less time in the garden, but at the same time get a quality and at the same time, a healthy harvest.

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