Why do tomato leaves fade?

Tomato leaves wiltSuch a vegetable as a tomato can be seen on the plots of many gardeners. Tomato is loved by many, but it is quite a capricious culture, requiring good conditions for care. At the moment, there are quite a few hybrid forms of the plant under consideration in the world selection. They can yield in unfavorable weather conditions, but the taste qualities of the fruit allow one to wish for better.

In what soil to plant tomatoes

In what soil to plant tomatoesTomato is considered one of the most favorite vegetables, so the dream of any trucker is to get high yields. Tomatoes can be grown outdoors or in greenhouses. With good care for this culture, you can achieve significant harvests.

Cultivation of tomatoes begins with seeding the prepared seeds.

When to sow tomatoes in Siberia

Sowing tomatoes in SiberiaGrowing tomatoes in a severe Siberian climate is problematic, however, most gardeners get good harvests of this crop. It should be noted that frosts in the region in question can last until mid-June, and the first frosts come at the end of summer. The time for sowing tomatoes in Siberia for seedlings should be selected according to the expected date of planting the seedlings in open soil.

How far to plant tomatoes

How far to plant tomatoesAfter growing tomato seedlings to the required size and establishing a stable warm weather, it is time to transplant the young plants into an unprotected soil or a greenhouse. Many vegetable growers pay special attention to the placement of plants in the rows and the width of the rows, because the planting of crops at a certain distance implies obtaining good harvests as soon as possible.

With what you can plant tomatoes

With what you can plant tomatoesExperienced growers note that combined planting can be considered an ideal option to save space on your site. If you know what crops grow well next to tomatoes, you can not only improve the taste of fruits, but also protect the plant from pests, accelerate development. We'll figure out what can be planted tomatoes next door on the site.

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