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Through how many tomatoes riseTomatoes are considered a favorite culture for many vegetable growers. By the method of sowing into the soil, they are subdivided into crops for growing in greenhouses (mostly tall ones) and plants for unprotected soil (medium in height and undersized). It should be noted that all types of tomato varieties are almost not distinguished by the period of germination of seeds.

We'll figure out how many days after sowing tomatoes come up. The term of emergence directly depends on the quality of the seed material, but the difference between obtaining shoots of different varieties is not more than 2-x days. Usually the germination of plants occurs in 5-7 days from seeding, but the temperature in the room with the seedlings must be within 18-20-degrees. At low temperatures, the shoot-growing period increases.

Planting of tomato seeds usually begin in the early days of March, mainly during this period planted tall varieties, intended for growing in film or glass greenhouses. For cultivation in the open ground, low-growing tomatoes of the early ripening period are sown. If there are significant areas for seedlings, the seeds are sown in peat cups with a volume of up to 0,5 liters. Each of the tanks can be planted one or two seeds. In the latter case, one less developed culture is removed or transplanted. It should be noted that the grains are buried in a loose, well-fertilized soil to a depth of up to 1 centimeter.

Some vegetable growers use methods of germinating seeds before planting them in the soil. To do this, put the tomato seeds in a damp cloth and put them in a warm place. During the germination period, the tissues are systematically moistened before naklyovyvaniya. Germs begin to appear a week from the moment of germination. Now they are transplanted into glasses and poured with warm water. Another method of accelerating the germination of tomato seeds is to hold the seed in Energen's solution (you need to dissolve 5 drops of this substance in 200 milliliters of water). Further care for the seedlings is in its watering, as necessary and observing the temperature regime, as well as airing the room or the greenhouse, which prevents the disease with a black leg.

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