Rot on tomatoes

Rot on a tomato

The appearance of rot on tomatoes is usually caused by late blight. This disease is caused by a fungus that affects tomatoes not only in the open ground, but also in greenhouses. Infection can persist for a long time in the soil, copper salts are used to eliminate it.

Outbreaks of the disease often causes accumulated moisture, if the plants are in a greenhouse, then this disease can cause sudden temperature fluctuations. Moisture on plants accumulates due to condensation on the film.

Phytophthorosis at the initial stage is clearly visible on the potato - its presence can be seen on the leaves, and on tomatoes, these signs can be seen only a week after its introduction into the structure of the vegetable. This behavior of the disease is easy to explain, in most cases, the causative agent is stored on potato tubers and when favorable conditions come, it infects potatoes, and later tomatoes.

Brown rot of tomatoes is a dangerous disease, it can completely destroy the crop in a few weeks. So do not plant tomatoes in close proximity to potatoes. The plants of late varieties suffer most, or those that were late planted.

Rot affects the aerial part of the plant, as well as underserved fruit. The disease begins to progress from the upper side of the leaves. First, small brown spots are formed, which gradually expand, especially in the presence of high humidity. After a while, the leaves become yellow and dry up.

Then the disease moves to fruits, mostly immature. On the fruits at this time, you can notice spots of different colors and shapes, they quickly increase, and the fungus penetrates deep into the fetus. These tomatoes can not be eaten. They are a mass of mucus.

Rapid development of the disease is provoked by a strong fluctuation of temperatures day and night, frequent rains and fogs, thickened by the planting of tomatoes. Greenhouses must be ventilated to reduce humidity. When there is a dry and hot weather, late blight does not actually develop.

It is rather difficult to overcome late blight, in fact potatoes and tomatoes are nearby, and we can tolerate fungal spores ourselves, working on potato areas and visiting tomatoes, therefore, it is necessary, above all, to prevent disease.

Fighting rot on tomatoes

For prevention, in autumn, after harvesting potatoes and tomatoes, one must burn the vegetable remains of these vegetables. If you have several greenhouses, alternate the crops in them with tomatoes and cucumbers. Do not allow potatoes and tomatoes to be close.

Pay attention to the seeds, especially when you collected them yourself. If they lay 3 years, then the viruses may disappear during this time. Feed your plants with fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus, the use of copper sulfate will help to protect against diseases. To prevent the rotting of tomatoes every two weeks, treat plants "Phytosporin", the treatment is carried out on the leaves. You can also use the following drugs: Barrier, Oxihom, Zaslon and others.

Irrigation spend the morning under the root of plants, in the evening the moisture should dry. If you use a greenhouse and the rot on the tomatoes is every year, spray the sprouts with Bordeaux liquid 0,5%, then repeat this treatment after two weeks already 1% composition.

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