How to trim tomatoes

Pruning tomatoesFor normal development, tomatoes need good lighting, and any shading affects them negatively. With a sufficiently thick planting pattern, neighboring plants create shading between each other, as a result of which they begin to fight for light. This leads to the fact that the whips are directed upward, thereby trying to arrange their leaves in a space where there is no shadow. Simultaneously, the plant spends its energy on building up the green mass, from which the fruits suffer.

Pruning leaves will help the fruit to develop better. About how to properly cut tomatoes today and talk.

If in one plant the upper leaves create a shadow for the lower ones: the stem begins to lengthen and the foliage grows. As a result, the brushes are removed from each other from the usual 15-20 cm up to 30-35 cm, the number of fruit forming is insignificant. To force a tomato to expend its energy on the formation of fruits can, if you create conditions for it, where shading will be minimal. Help in achieving this goal can pruning tomatoes.

What are the leaves cut off from tomatoes?

First of all, the lower leaves that are in contact with the soil are pruned. With the passage of time, when new leaves form on the plant, the lower ones must be bent to the ground. They should serve the plant as support. If in the process of growing tomatoes, the laces are tied to trellises, then these leaves can no longer perform this function. Carry out pruning of the lower leaves to ensure that the bases of the stems are exposed to direct sunlight.

Over time, the plant should not leave a single sheet below the first flower brush. In an adult plant, the lower part of the stem, having a length of 30 cm, should be freed from the leaves. This operation is of great importance in the prevention of diseases.

Обрезке нужно подвергать и периферические части листьев, если они касаются листьев растений, расположенных на грядке. Пластинка помидорных листьев представлена в виде долей, благодаря чему лист можно оставить, ограничившись обрезкой только одной или нескольких периферических долей. Удалять нужно части листьев, которые не только создают тень, но и находятся в тени.

If there are leaves in the plants that cover full-sized ripening fruits from the sun, they should also be removed. Any brush consists of its feeding leaves (2 or 3 sheet, which are located above the brush). At the time of the formation of the ovaries, they are fed by the products of photosynthesis, the source of which are the leaves. If the green fruit is already large enough, then for them, such a source is the feeding leaves, in addition they use the products of photosynthesis, which the fetus itself produces. Larger fruits do not receive food from the leaves, but form themselves, as a result of which at this stage they need more direct sunlight.

Gardeners who do not have enough experience often doubt whether it is worth cutting off the already grown tomato leaves, which often leaves a part of the leaves. Do not forget that by pruning, you will reorient the tomatoes to fructification. If other problems are successfully solved, then it is the quality of the trimming that determines what kind of harvest you will get.

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