How to accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings

Accelerate the growth of tomato seedlingsThere are times when the time of planting tomatoes to a permanent place is getting closer, and seedlings do not rush to grow, and too small for their age. What actions can be taken to accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings, while not harming them? There are several safe ways to stimulate the growth of seedlings.

Significantly accelerate the development and growth of tomato seedlings can be, while maintaining the most optimal parameters for temperature, humidity and light, as well as the correct ratio of nutrients. It should not be forgotten that seedlings at this time are in great need of phosphorus fertilizing, since they can not absorb it from the soil. And the lack of this element primarily affects the growth of seedlings, which becomes very slow. To find out the phosphorus deficiency is quite simple - the leaves of plants acquire a violet hue. Therefore, do not forget about the introduction of phosphorus-containing fertilizing, including it may be ash.

Also, to accelerate the growth of seedlings, you can use special preparations. Modern means not only do not harm the useful microflora of plants, but they themselves are natural. They can be used to protect against diseases or to stimulate growth. Consider the use of these drugs for one example.

Fitosporin-M is a well-known among gardeners product, created on the basis of natural bacterial culture of Bacillus subtillis. Available in the form of liquid, powder or paste. Used to protect plants, including seeds, from most bacterial and fungal diseases.

To accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings is used as follows. A solution is prepared from the calculation of 1 st.l. Of the liquid on 10 l of water. Processing occurs by spraying seedlings during their growth.

Several of these simple techniques will help pull up a little stragglers in the growth of seedlings, and by the time of landing, it will not differ from its "fellow".

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