Caloric content of a tomato

Caloric content of tomatoesTomatoes are a product with excellent taste qualities, which everyone has the opportunity to get by nature. They include many minerals, acids, as well as vitamins C, B, E, and along with this potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. In addition to this, the use of a tomato positively affects the work of the whole organism as a whole. Plus to this - the calorie content of the tomato is low, but the benefits are enormous.

Here it is necessary to say that among the most valuable components present in tomatoes is the pigment lycopene, which has the properties of a powerful antioxidant and is involved in the fight against cancer. There are many diets in which this vegetable is a must. As a result of research, scientists came to the conclusion that tomatoes can interfere with the development of the aging process.

Inclusion in the diet of a tomato, as, indeed, most other vegetables, will not help you get better, but your body will receive the missing minerals. Tomatoes are a common ingredient that is included in the recipes of many hot dishes, cold snacks, and light salads. Not accidentally they are added to many recipes, because tomato has a very low calorie content - in 100 grams of the vegetable contains only 20-25 kilocalories. Also in the composition of this vegetable is about 0,6 g protein, 0,2 g fat and 4,2 g carbohydrates. Adherents of useful and low-calorie food should pay attention to tomatoes, from which you can make excellent snacks.

No less useful is the use of tomato juice. First of all, it is recommended to include it in the diet during the days of unloading. Juice is also low in calories and contains about 20-25 Kcal.

Preserving a tomato leads to the loss of their energy value. As a result of salting, a decrease in the calorie content of the tomato is observed, which is 16 Kcal, while marinating - - 18 Kcal. In principle, when tomatoes are subjected to heat treatment, they lose calorie content: during cooking, the calorie content of tomatoes decreases to the level of 15,4 Kcal, while extinguishing, cooking and baking - up to 14,2 Kcal.

Caloric content of cherry tomatoes

It's no secret that tomatoes come in all sorts of varieties. And they make them dissimilar to each other, both taste qualities and properties. Considering cherry tomatoes as an example, you can notice that most of their composition falls on water (90%). As for the calorie content of tomatoes of this sort, in this respect they are unlike their fellow humans: they are less caloric, containing only 15 Kcal. This particular feature explains the fact that tomatoes often include in their diet those who sit on diets that should help them lose weight. It is impossible not to mention here the other, noteworthy quality of these miniature tomatoes: they include serotonin, called the "happiness hormone". Thanks to him, the person is in a good mood.

In addition to excellent taste and benefit, the use of tomatoes helps to keep yourself in shape. However, it should be remembered that not everyone can eat them. This primarily applies to those who are concerned about gastritis and pancreatitis.

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