When to sow tomatoes in Siberia

Sowing tomatoes in SiberiaGrowing tomatoes in a severe Siberian climate is problematic, however, most gardeners get good harvests of this crop. It should be noted that frosts in the region in question can last until mid-June, and the first frosts come at the end of summer. The time for sowing tomatoes in Siberia for seedlings should be selected according to the expected date of planting the seedlings in open soil.

It is known that from the moment of sowing seeds into peat pots or special boxes and before planting plants in the open ground it takes about two months. Seeds of tomatoes of the selected variety are germinated by the method of constant maintenance of moisture until germination. Presowing processing can include keeping tomato seeds in growth simulators or disinfectants, for example, Silke or Epine Extra. After this, the seeds are sown in special boxes at a distance of 2-3 centimeter from one another (not to dive). The containers are installed in a warm place and wait for the emergence of sprouts, then they are placed on a light sill.

After regrowth of the third present leaflet, with the help of scissors, the lower leaves (cotyledons) are trimmed and so until the fifth real leaf appears. As a result of such an operation, the stems of culture will be thick, and during development they will not interfere with each other (the seedlings do not need a transplant for a month).

Planting tomatoes in Siberia under a warm garden bed with a film or greenhouse is made in the last decade of May. To ensure the necessary temperature, a thick layer of manure is laid on such a site, and then the prepared soil is planted with the roots of the plant with moss. After a month and a half of cultivation of tomatoes in the garden, one part of the plants is planted in an unprotected soil with subsequent shelter by agrofiber, and the second is left under the film. In any case, the period of tomato transplantation into an unprotected soil in the Siberian climatic conditions should be determined by the long-term weather forecast.

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