How far to plant tomatoes

How far to plant tomatoesAfter growing tomato seedlings to the required size and establishing a stable warm weather, it is time to transplant the young plants into an unprotected soil or a greenhouse. Many vegetable growers pay special attention to the placement of plants in the rows and the width of the rows, because the planting of crops at a certain distance implies obtaining good harvests as soon as possible. Placing plants on the site is important, because tomatoes need a certain amount of light and heat, and thickened plantings can cause disease manifestations in crops and slow ripening of fruits.

It should be noted that the distance between individual tomatoes is chosen according to the size of the bed. If possible, the distance when planting tomatoes should be within 50-60-centimeters, but these are only general requirements. In the case of growing tomatoes in a small summer cottage area, each square meter of useful area should be used as much as possible, therefore, it is necessary to observe the indicated distances when planting tomatoes in the soil, but their value will depend on the tomato varieties used:

  • Early ripening varieties should be planted in holes at a distance of 35 centimeters from each other. With regard to the width of the rows, it should be within 55 centimeters;
  • The average maturity of the tomato variety forms a bush, therefore more space is needed for their development - the length of rows between 65 centimeters, the distance between neighboring plants in the row should be 45 centimeters;
  • Late-ripening varieties require maximum space, so the distance between neighboring plants within the same row does not change. It is 45 centimeters, but the width of the rows should be increased to 75 centimeters.

If you observe the indicated distances between cultures, you will get good harvests. To simplify the care of tomatoes, the soil under the plants can be covered with a layer of mulch, which will reduce the evaporation of moisture from the ground, and will inhibit the germination of weeds. Especially economical summer residents can plant row rows with such plants as celery, coriander or mint.

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