Pickling tomatoes seedlings

Pickling tomatoes seedlingsAfter the appearance of the first shoots, the picking time of the tomato seedlings is approaching. Experienced truck farmers have long considered the simplest procedure and do not attach much importance to it, but those who are just beginning to master the cultivation of tomatoes are a little afraid. How to make a picking correctly, so that it was beneficial to seedlings of tomatoes, and not to harm? Picking tomato seedlings

First, we'll figure out what a pick is and why it's needed. Picks - planting seedlings in a container with a large volume. It is necessary for the roots of plants to gain the proper force for planting in the ground. It is held once, after the appearance of 2-3 of these leaflets.

Previously, for 1-2 days before the picking, the sprouts are spilled abundantly so as not to damage the tender roots during the procedure. The depth of the container chosen for the transplant should be 10 cm or more, an area of ​​at least 10 cm2. Remember: the freer the plant, the better it will develop. In addition, growing in a common box, the seedlings will be bound with roots, and it will be impossible to plant it without damaging the root system.

Подготовленные для пикировки горшочки наполняем землей примерно на 2/3. В центре делаем углубление и увлажняем. Затем аккуратно вместе с землей извлекаем кустик таким образом, чтобы не повредить ни один корешок. Подкапывать можно при помощи зубочистки, но делать это нужно очень аккуратно.

During the pickling of tomato seedlings, as little as possible touch the plant itself. It is best if you keep a young bush of seedlings behind an earthen clod, along with which, and you will transplant it to a new location.

To pinch or not?

Then you can go in two ways: with a pinch root or without. If you decide to pinch the root, it is done about 1 / 3 from its length. However, if earlier this procedure was carried out by almost everyone, today experienced truck farmers refused it, justifying it by the fact that during the picking the tip of the root is damaged.

Then carefully transplanted the plant into a new pot, sprinkled with soil just above the root and gently poured. Such actions are performed with each seedling, while first of all, selecting the strongest and strongest. After the picks, the container with the seedlings is placed in the brightest place.

Conducting such a procedure as a picking promotes the formation of a powerful root system of tomatoes, and in the future it provides an easier and more convenient planting in the ground.

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