Why black tomatoes

Blackish tomatoesNothing foretold troubles, but one day you noticed rotting fruit on the bushes. Tomatoes are covered in black, being still immature. What disease hit them and why do black tomatoes?

It is worth saying that the tomato often has these symptoms. If tomatoes start to rot in this way, then usually the cause is the vertex rot, called gray rot. The contributing factor for this disease is the deficit of individual mineral elements, usually calcium.

In addition, the blackness of tomatoes can be caused by the increased acidity of the soil. Perhaps, you did not observe the measure when fertilizing plants with nitrogen-containing fertilizers.

However, it is most likely that tomatoes hit the phytophthora. To its development leads the same parasitic fungus, which causes and phytophthora of potatoes. In this regard, these diseases have similar symptoms.

The first to suffer from this disease are separate leaves, the upper part of which is covered with brown spots, and the bottom is covered with a grayish coating. Prolonged precipitation or excessively high humidity only serves the benefit of phytophthora, which in a short time extends to all plants, including immature and ripe fruits. It is worth noting that at the first inspection it may seem that the phytophthora has not affected the green fruits, but when they reach ripeness, these blooms are blurred brown spots, the rot spreads into the fruit, which makes them unfit for consumption.

Compared with potatoes, tomatoes are affected by late blight much later, but similar weather conditions favor the large-scale spread of the tomato: high humidity (90%), growth and fog formation, high daytime temperatures (22-24 degrees), and low temperatures Nights. As a rule, similar conditions can be observed in the north-west already in August-September, when tomatoes begin to reach the maturity stage, as a result of which they are affected during this period.

What to do if black tomatoes

To avoid the appearance of blackness on tomatoes, they are placed in the same place not earlier than in 4-5 years. A bad predecessor for a tomato is potato, the cultivation of potatoes next to the tomato beds also adversely affects the growth and development of the latter.

For growing a tomato, areas that have good lighting and ventilation are best suited. When cultivating tomatoes in greenhouses or hotbeds, good ventilation should be included in the number of mandatory conditions, the fulfillment of which guarantees normal development and obtaining a good harvest. Just in order to achieve good ventilation, it is more preferable to use a rare planting scheme. Homeland of tomato are the southern countries, therefore bright sunlight and illumination positively affects its development. For fungal disease, phytophthora such conditions are unfavorable.

Одними из обязательных процедур являются пасынкование и прищипывание основного стебля, которые регулярно проводят в августе. Положительный эффект от данных мероприятий выражается в ускорении роста и созревания плодов, что позволяет собрать урожай до поражения растений фитофторой. Наряду с этим плоды могут достигнуть стадии зрелости гораздо раньше, если их сбор проводить уже в момент приобретения желтой либо красной окраски. В этом случае плодам, оставшимся на ветках, понадобится меньше времени на налив и достижение стадии зрелости.

Attention! For sprouting fungal spores, a single drop of water is sufficient for the phytophthora, therefore, from the second decade of July, it is during this period that the risk of phytophthora emerges - tomato watering should be carried out solely at the root, and care should be taken not to get wet!

In case of defeat of plants by phytophthora, it is necessary to regularly remove all diseased leaves, as well as fruits, by folding them outside the site or into the compost pile. It is very useful, as I was able to convince myself, and also most gardeners, to carefully cut out most of the healthy leaves. The effect of this operation is expressed in improving the ventilation and illumination of plants, which positively affects the growth of plants and has a negative effect on the fungus.

To prevent phytophthora damage to your tomatoes, it is important to harvest before the mass appearance and at the same time get the maximum possible number of fruits. To achieve this, I am engaged in the cultivation of early ripening varieties, most often I use low-growth varieties of tomatoes. Also, you should stop choosing those tomato varieties that are less prone to infection with phytophthora. Such is the Siberian early maturing variety - these tomatoes turn black much less often than others.

When growing plants in the garden, I try to do without pesticides, especially I do not consider them when plants enter the fruiting phase. In order to defeat pests and diseases, I resort only to agrotechnical methods. With the cultivation of tomatoes, these methods are the best demonstrating their effectiveness in combating phytophthora, allowing to minimize possible losses of the crop. I hope that you will achieve similar results!

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