Why die tomato seedlings

The seedlings of tomatoes are killedOwners of private garden and dacha plots that independently grow tomato seedlings can face the problem of partial death of young plants. What happens to the crops, because care of the plants includes all the necessary measures: systematic watering, placement of seedlings in well-sunlit window-sills, airing.

At a detailed examination, you can find the blackening of the stem part of tomatoes near the ground, the sprout in this place is thin, as if someone had pulled it. Damaged plants are unlikely to become healthy, because they are infected with a special disease called a black leg. Most often, the disease in question affects weak plants, but it is caused by various soil fungi.

Причинами по которым гибнет рассада помидоров в результате появления чёрной ножки считаются:

  • Significant temperatures in the premises where seedlings are grown;
  • High humidity of air and soil;
  • Lack of lighting with natural light sources;
  • Too many plants in recalculation per unit area.

What to do to prevent tomato seedlings from perishing?

Plants damaged by a black leg can no longer be saved, but there are a number of preventive measures that can get rid of the disease and prevent its development at all stages of sprout growth.

An important measure of prevention is the use of "healthy" soil for growing plants. The soil is collected in autumn in small containers and left for winter in a cold room so that it can be frozen and thawed. Before sowing seedlings, the soil is calcined in an oven or stove in order to get rid of fungi and pathogenic bacteria. The walls of the boxes must also undergo a kind of disinfection. They are served with boiling water or a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Remains of the mixture can spill the earth.

An important preventive measure is the use of treated disinfected seeds with the participation of all the same manganese. Seedlings should be planted in such a way that the developing plants do not shade each other. The regime of watering plants also matters. Cultures need to be watered rarely, but with heavy doses. This is necessary in order to dry the top layer of the soil, and the lower one remained moist. To prevent decay of the root neck of tomatoes, the soil is poured with dry sand.

High acidity of the soil is neutralized by introducing into its composition quenched lime or wood ash. To ensure the necessary illumination of seedlings, it is installed on the windowsills, excess moisture is removed by airing the room or the greenhouse. The measures of prevention considered allow us to grow strong tomato seedlings and get a good harvest.

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