Why tomatoes are not tied up

Do not tie tomatoesI think many farmers are familiar with the situation when tomatoes begin to bloom without any problems, but this all ends and the ovaries can not be seen. We will try to find out why such "failures" are connected and why tomatoes are not tied.

Tomatoes are a type of vegetable crops, which for normal growth and development need heat. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that, hurrying to plant them in the open ground, we sometimes do not see the fruits. It is not uncommon for the first, the flower brushes that have already formed to be exposed to low, even positive temperatures. That with pollination there were no difficulties, the temperature of air should make 20-25 degrees of Celsius. In case of its fall below the 15-tigradus mark, there is a delay in the ripening of the pollen. If the temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius, the pollen turns into sterile.

In order for tomatoes to develop normally, the soil in which they grow should have a moisture content of the order of 70-75%. Of course, for a simple gardener these figures are of little practical use, but still everyone can see that something is wrong with the ground (excessive density, crack formation, fading leaves and plant tops). If during the vegetative period there is a lack of moisture in the soil, let it be only about the seedlings, then the consequence is that the tomatoes do not tie, that is, the flowers and ovaries fall.

A considerable role is also played by the humidity of the air. During the heat, there is a glueing of the pollen, which forms in the balls, or does not occur at all from the anthers. If the air humidity is not at the optimum level, then there are difficulties with the germination of pollen on the pistil. In most cases, with a similar problem, those truck farmers who are poorly ventilated greenhouses are confronted.

In the windless days, there are also difficulties with pollination of the tomato. When growing a tomato in a greenhouse, this problem becomes even more urgent. In this regard, when the plants enter the flowering phase, it is advisable to shake the stems in the morning. Also, you should gently touch and blossoming brushes, causing pollen to fly, thanks to which the tomatoes are tied.

Если в почву вносится чрезмерное количество азота, то это приводит к изменениям в цветке. Выражается это в увеличении размеров и яркости чашелистиков, при этом тычиночный конус практически не формируется. Внесением азотных подкормок занимаются в первый период вегетации. Для удобрения томатов готовят настой коровяка (1:6), добавляя на 1 ведро настоя сульфат калия (12-15 г) и двойной суперфосфат (12-15 г). Минеральные удобрения можно заменить золой (0,5 л). Если коровяка оказывается недостаточно, дополнительно в почву вносят раствор комплексных минеральных удобрений.

If plants receive insufficient amounts of phosphorus and potassium, then the fruits grow slowly, the quality and quantity of seeds deteriorates. An acute need for these nutrients occurs during the formation and growth of fruits.

When growing tomatoes in greenhouse conditions and open ground, adhere to a rare planting scheme. Pasynkovanie and the formation of plants should be carried out when this becomes necessary, not allowing delays in carrying out these activities.

One of the common reasons, because of which there is no formation of fruits, is the use of "own" seeds for growing tomatoes. Such plants are often affected by disease, which causes the loss of flowers and fruits. It should be borne in mind that pesticides also have a bad effect on plants, because because of them the ability to fruitfulness deteriorates.

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