Why the seedlings of tomatoes fall

Seedlings of tomatoes fallFalling stems of tomato seedlings can cause such a common disease of tomatoes, like a black leg. Many inexperienced vegetable growers do not always understand why young, recently strong tomato plants suddenly fell and dried up. Most often, this phenomenon occurred just after picking tomato seedlings.

The reason for the appearance of a black leg on plants are specific bacteria and infectious fungi, which, in combination with high humidity and low temperature, cause the fall and death of plants. Another reason why tomato seedlings fall is that too many plants per unit of area and lack of sunlight are considered.

What to do if seedlings of tomatoes fall

  • First of all it is not necessary to thicken the crops, and especially after their diving. In this case it is better to plant the strongest seedlings in a new place, and the rest must be discarded, because they are unable to form a plentiful harvest;
  • Cultivation of the soil from possible damage to diseases, for this purpose use the freezing of the earth and its roasting in the oven. Soil for seedlings of tomatoes is taken from a site on which before that pepper, tomatoes, eggplant or potatoes did not develop. Experts recommend leaving the soil in a small container, where it should be located throughout the winter. With the advent of spring, the earth is roasted in a temporary room, because it will give off an unpleasant smell. After that, the soil is spilled with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate;
  • Except the soil, disinfect themselves seeds, using the same solution of potassium permanganate. They are placed in a special bag and placed in the mixture for half an hour. Then the seed material is rinsed in clean water and slightly dried, so that they do not stick together during sowing;
  • Another important condition for growing healthy seedlings is to provide young plants with unhindered access to sunlight. Usually cups with tomatoes are placed on sunny window-sills - with lack of light they are equipped with special foil screens;
  • The next condition is that the tomato seedlings do not fall, the correct watering of young plants is considered, this action is carried out early in the morning. Watering tomato seedlings должны быть не частыми, но обильными. Для уменьшения выделения влаги из почвы осуществляют её присыпку древесной золой в смеси с песком.

Рассмотренные мероприятия позволяют избежать заражения рассады томатов чёрной ножкой, она не будет падать, вырастит крепкой и здоровой, что позволит получить высокие урожаи овощей.

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