Why the leaves of tomatoes are curled

Twist the leaves of tomatoes

There are cases when in the heat there is a folding of leaves in a tube. A reasonable question arises - why do tomato leaves curl?

If the temperature rises to an elevation of 35 degrees and higher, then plants begin to consume more oxygen and a fast disintegration of nutrients occurs. Simultaneously with this thermal regime, nutrients begin to accumulate and assimilate much more slowly.

As a result, the leaves start to starve, which leads to their twisting. If the sun shines brightly in the street, then an artificial shadow should be created for plants using lutrasil. To relieve plants from stress, their leaves are sprayed with urea (two tablespoons per bucket of water), and after 1-2 days the mixture is changed to a pink solution of potassium permanganate. After a couple of days, the tops become straight.


Leaves of tomatoes can be wrinkled and due to strong pasynkovaniya or pinching, as well as frequent watering. As a rule, plants have a situation when the second half of the growing season occurs. The first to respond to this are the lower leaves, after which the leaves begin to twist up to the very top. In the twisted state, the leaves look like a funnel, where the axis is the central vein, and the leaf itself, when twisting, is directed toward the upper surface. These changes compact their plates, make them hard to touch and brittle. If the flowers of such plants are excessively twisted, then, as a rule, their falloff follows.

Along with this, the twisting of leaves in a tomato can be caused by the introduction of large quantities of organic fertilizers, herbal infusions, as well as nitrogen-containing fertilizers against the background of a sharp deficit of phosphorus, potassium, copper and calcium. The situation can be rectified only by incorporating the necessary microelements in the food. For this, fertilizing with complex fertilizers, for example, a soluble (a couple of tablespoons per bucket of water) or potassium monophosphate (a teaspoon per bucket of water) is carried out.

In addition, if you use badly rotted manure or slurry introduced in large amounts as a fertilizer, then due to ammonia excretion, the leaves can get burns or the fruits can be inflicted with superficial necrotic damage.

If you take care of plants in accordance with the recommendations, but you can not stop the twisting of the leaves, it is probably caused by a bacterial infection, the source of which is the seeds. Carry out thorough seed preparation for seeding, first dress them. If you grow tomatoes from your own seeds, then leave for this fruit, taken only from healthy plants.

We must not forget that when growing tomatoes, you will not encounter different troubles if, starting from spring, when it's time to prepare for sowing, you will follow the agrotechnics, introduce into the soil complex fertilizers containing the necessary microelements, especially in the first Half the summer, as well as carry out preventive measures to combat pests and diseases. Only following these simple rules, you can count on a rich harvest.

In mid-July, there is a favorable time for mulching plants: for this it is desirable to use dry grass, placing it on the entire area of ​​the garden, around the tomato bushes. In this case, the need for frequent loosening and watering will disappear.

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