Why Tomatoes Crack

Tomatoes are cracked

Many people are engaged in growing tomatoes in greenhouses. In July, the fetuses often appear cracks, they have a circular arrangement on the green fruit, and on the brown cracks longitudinal. Some are wondering - what is the cause of this phenomenon and why do tomatoes crack?

There are several reasons. First of all, these are the genetic roots of the plant. Some varieties with dense fruits or yellow coloring tend to crack more than varieties that have soft fruits. Also, this may depend on the weather, with a significant difference in night and daytime temperatures.

The next reason for the appearance of annular and longitudinal cracks is some mistakes in the care of tomatoes - these are sudden fluctuations in temperature, humidity caused by untimely or incorrect watering and even excessive fertilization. So, if you determine why the tomatoes are cracked, then you need to learn and resist this problem.

На первых этапах развития культур необходимо соблюдать равномерный и регулярный полив, в это время растение формируется. В солнечную погоду помидоры следует поливать с интервалом в 3 дня. Когда на улице пасмурно - интервал составит 5 дней. Однако приведённые цифры примерные, зависящие от температуры воздуха.

If tomatoes crack when grown in a greenhouse, then open the side walls on hot days. When young plants with small fruits dry out very much, and this occurs at low humidity (up to 50%), there is a high probability that cracks form on them. Tomatoes need moisture 65 - 75%, it is achieved through regular watering.

Some gardeners from July to August water the plants abundantly, when they have many fruits, this is a mistake, because at that time the tomatoes already have a well developed root system and are able to supply themselves with water. But your help is still needed, so at this time, do watering once a week. Plentifully water the plant under the root, but make sure that water does not spread over the paths. Water for plants can be added in several ways, pour all the plants, and when the water is absorbed, do it again.

If the temperature at night does not exceed 13 degrees, water the plants in the greenhouse no earlier than 11 hours. At high temperatures, the air is higher in the daytime than 25 °, and at night it is more than 17 degrees, then do the watering in the evening at 17 hours, and keep the greenhouse open.

Do not apply large doses of concentrated solutions, do not stir more 20 grams of fertilizer per 10 liters of water. Do not remove more than three leaves per week from each bush.

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