Soil preparation for seedlings of tomatoes

Soil for seedlings of tomatoesSowing seeds and caring for seedlings of tomatoes is a painstaking task. Such work requires certain skills, concentration and accuracy, because the quality of the resulting plants will depend on their further development in the open field or greenhouse and, of course, the harvest. Before planting a seedling, you need to decide on the type of tomatoes, choose containers (seedlings or special pots), and properly prepare the soil before sowing the seeds. It should be noted that the main soil for planting seedlings of tomatoes, which will be used as a component of the substrate, should be taken from a site where the relatives of tomatoes did not grow earlier - eggplants and potatoes.

As experienced vegetable growers say, the optimal result can be achieved with the purchase of soil in a specialized store. After all, in such a land will contain a balanced diet, consisting of the necessary nutrients and trace elements. Such a soil is usually disinfected in order to destroy the causative agents of all sorts of diseases of tomato. To increase the amount of soil it is mixed with the land taken from its own site, according to the above rules.

If in the area where you live there are no specialized shops selling soil for seedlings of tomatoes, you can make it yourself using the usual garden soil, but before planting the seeds it needs to be warmed up well. Most gardeners harvest the soil in the fall period and store it in sheds or other outbuildings. It is desirable that during the storage period the soil is subject to multiple freezing and thawing. The soil needs to be placed in a warm room three days before seeding.

After heating, you need to get rid of pathogens, for this, the earth is spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate pink, then put the soil on the drying, which takes place within two days. Now add ground ash in the ratio 1 to 20 and mix it well. Preparing the soil for planting seedlings of tomatoes on this ends and you can plant the seeds of this vegetable.

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