Top dressing of tomato seedlings

Top dressing of tomato seedlingsTo obtain a rich, and, most importantly, high-quality yield of tomatoes, a good quality seedling is required, which involves a short, thick stem and a low-lying first brush. When using fertile soil during sowing, it is not difficult to get such seedlings, but if the soil is poor in nutrients, then it is necessary to carry out feeding.

What is the danger of a lack of important elements?

When carrying out fertilizing seedlings tomato is important not to stint, but too zealous - it's also not worth it. This is especially important in terms of nitrogen, the surplus of which will cause a strong increase in the green mass and can completely deprive the crop. Thus, for plants that have strong dark-green leaves and a stem with a purple tint, it is necessary to carry out feeding once, for 10 days before transplanting the seedlings into the ground.

In order to combat the deficit of one or another element, you need to know their symptoms. So:

  • The lack of nitrogen - yellow, stunted leaves, which eventually fall off. It is important not to confuse with the wrong conditions of the maintenance - low air temperature, excessive watering.
  • Lack of phosphorus - the plant acquires a purple hue. At normal leaf speed, no action is necessary.
  • A deficiency of iron, called chlorosis, is pale leaves with green veins.

How and when to feed tomatoes

The first fertilizing of tomatoes is carried out about 14 days after the procedure of picking. For this, the following solution is made: 1 table. Spoon of fertilizer "Nitrofoska" (as an analogue you can take "Agricola № 3") is bred in a liter of water. The prepared solution is enough for about 35-40 bush.

Two weeks after the first fertilizing the second fertilization is carried out. Pay attention to the thickness of the stem, if it is too elongated, then use a superphosphate solution: 1st. L. On 3 l of water. Also, seedlings can be sprinkled with the drug "Athlete", but not more than once. A healthy seedling that meets all your requirements can be fertilized with the drug "Effecton O".

Then the fertilizing is done every 10 days, stopping for at least a week before disembarking to a permanent place. It is not necessary to feed seedlings of tomatoes at an early age, even before the formation of the first real leaf, since an overabundance of some substances can adversely affect seedlings.

You can also spend foliar top dressing of tomatoes. They use solutions of the same drugs as for radical fertilizers. After processing the plants with foliar top dressing, they should be sprayed with water through 5-6 hours.

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