Watering tomato seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoesWater - the source of life, because it is necessary for all living things for proper and full development. Tomatoes are no exception, to form healthy and quality seedlings they need proper watering, which consists in moderation.

What threatens drought?

With small watering, the lower layer of the soil dries up, and the roots start to choke. Approximately the same thing happens when replacing irrigation with spraying. The upper layer of the soil appears uniformly black, which leads to a wrong conclusion about the state of the lower layer of the earth coma. The moisture of the soil with proper watering should be uniform both inside and outside. Therefore, it is better to water the seedlings of tomatoes abundantly, but rarely, rather than a little and often.

What causes excess watering?

Когда рассада чрезмерно залита водой, ее корни задыхаются от недостатка кислорода. А неправильные условия содержания в сочетании с переливом рассады приводит к таким заболеваниям как корневые гнили, которые могут очень быстро расправиться большей частью ваших сеянцев. Поэтому в емкости с сеянцами обязательно наличие дренажного отверстия.

How to water tomato seedlings

Несколько правил помогут вам производить правильный полив рассады помидоров:

  • The first watering is carried out not earlier than in 2-3 days after mass shoots, when the upper layer dries. If you are afraid of pouring still tender plants, then you can make watering through spraying. But you need to do this in such a way that water falls as little as possible on plants.
  • Далее поливы проводятся регулярно по мере подсыхания земляного кома. Запомните: не стоит допускать пересыхания грунта, но и заливать его тоже не нужно.
  • Once a month, watering can be combined with additional fertilizing with organic fertilizers.
  • Before the picking, watering is done for 1-2 days, so that the soil has had time to dry up a little and was quite friable.
  • After picking the plants do not water for 4-5 days!
  • Пикированная рассада поливается примерно раз в 7-10, в зависимости от возраста. Чем старше и раскидистей куст, тем больше воды он будет поглощать. Чтобы не ошибиться, следите за состоянием грунта и самих растений.
  • Adult sprouts can be watered from the pallet. This method stimulates the development of a powerful and more branched root system, since the roots will reach out to reach the desired water.
  • Before planting in the soil watering the seedlings, the tomato should be abundant in order to exclude damage to the roots.

Agree, to comply with such rules - is not difficult. The main thing is not to be lazy and do everything in time, and then to planting on a permanent place your seedlings will be healthy and luxurious.

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