Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoesThe main sign on the basis of which tomatoes can be included in this group is the weight that should not exceed 25. In principle, this is indicated by the very name of the variety group, in fact the cherry tomatoes (from the English cherry) in English - "cherry". In this regard, and the fruits belonging to this group, look almost the same as this berry. Among the distinctive features of the tomato of this variety is the resistance to cracking and the simultaneous achievement of the ripeness stage.

Varieties of cherry tomatoes give a decorative look to the dachas of our compatriots, which is achieved due to the variety of color and shape. Plants of tomatoes have a height of about 1 m, while ripening stages they reach earlier than usual varieties.

Для возделывания этого сорта помидоров можно приспособить даже балкон. Единственное, о чем следует помнить - томат является ветвящимся растением, в связи с этим необходимо позаботиться и о наличии опоры для него. Вариантом здесь могут выступать подвесные кашпо. С их помощью можно будет предотвратить травмирование растений, а также придать растениям декоративный вид: со стороны плоды томатов будут ассоциироваться со свисающими бисеринками.

As a container, which will grow cherry tomatoes, you can use boxes, but here you should take into account one important point - the kind of tomatoes that you grow, the plants should give fruits of small sizes, bushes should also take up little space. Therefore, when you are planning to cultivate cherry tomatoes in early spring, you can count on the fact that there will be fresh fruits in your house until the New Year.

Выращивание помидоров черри

There are different varieties of cherry tomatoes: stunted (up to 40 cm), medium-sized (up to 80 cm) and tall (reach a height of more than one meter). Of all the varieties represented, they are more suitable for cultivation in the apartment of low-growing varieties, having a height of up to 40 cm.

If we consider the agrotechnics of cultivation of these tomatoes, in principle they are no different from traditional varieties.

For sowing seeds, boxes or flower pots are prepared, which are filled with soil mixture. After planting, the land is well watered with standing water at room temperature and covered with a film. Wait for the appearance of the first shoots do not last long, about 3-5 days.

When the young shoots grow a little, spend thinning out the shoots, removing the weak and diseased bushes. If you use pots for the seedling, then in this case only one plant is left, so that it receives a maximum of light and nutrients.

Subsequently, loosen and water the plants, when the tomatoes start to bloom, they need to be pollinated by hand using a soft brush. Also, carry out regular fertilizing, here you can use any complex fertilizer.

When growing tall tomatoes, they are tied to pegs, otherwise the stems will not withstand the weight of the fruit and will break. With dwarf varieties in this regard, everything is much easier, since they do not need a garter.

Also, cherry tomatoes differ in that they do not need to be patsy. If the plant is overgrown, then it is enough to remove unnecessary branches. The main thing here is not to touch the main leaves, otherwise it will negatively affect the fruit bearing of tomatoes or can cause diseases.

From the moment of sowing the seeds should pass approximately 3-4 months before the cherry tomatoes enter the fruiting phase.

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