Planting tomatoes on seedlings

Planting tomatoes on seedlingsObservance of all rules of cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes will allow to receive a good crop of this vegetable. It should be taken into account the fact that not all gardeners receive quality seedlings, so the yield of their crops may be somewhat less than expected. Note that for growing young tomato plants at home, you need to properly prepare the soil, purchase containers for planting plants, and select the seeds of tomatoes.

How to Plant Tomatoes in Seedlings

Beginner farmers can buy soil for tomatoes in specialized stores. The soil must be filled with all the necessary nutrients for the development of plants. Qualitative soil is disinfected in order to prevent the development of diseases and protect young cultures from all kinds of pests.

Vegetable growers with experience prepare the soil for seedlings on their own. Such an operation is carried out in the autumn, mixing humus forest land and sand in equal shares. To the resulting composition, add ground egg shell, wood ash and chalk. If there is a suspicion of the presence of pests and diseases in the prepared soil, the ground is roasted in the oven or watered with a solution of potassium permanganate.

The main capacity for planting tomatoes on seedlings is considered to be special boxes. They pour out prepared soil, and then make small furrows up to 1,5 centimeter deep, the width of rows between 4-5 centimeters. Seed the seeds with an interval of two or three centimeters, in order to later get rid of the dive plants. In addition to seedling boxes for growing seedlings, you can use peat-humic pots or ordinary plastic cups.

After that, the seeds are sprinkled with a thin layer of loose ground and moistened well, using a sprayer for flowers. To speed up the shoots, the boxes with the future seedlings are covered with a transparent film in order to create a greenhouse effect. During germination of seed, the seedling boxes are placed in a dark room with a temperature of about 25-degrees. After germination of seeds, the containers with seedlings are transferred to a light room and film is removed.

Terms of planting tomatoes on seedlings

With regard to the timing of planting tomato seeds for seedlings, then you can carry out this action at the end of January or throughout the month of February. It should be noted that growing young plants in this period is problematic, due to the small duration of daylight hours. In connection with this, seedlings need to be lightened by artificial light sources, otherwise it will stretch and it will be easier to be hit with diseases, which will lead to a significant decrease in yield.

Многие специалисты рекомендуют высевать семена томатов для выращивания рассады в марте. При развитии в этот период она получается здоровой и сильной, что будет способствовать формированию хорошего урожаю. В средине весны можно высевать семена раннеспелых сортов томатов, ведь другие культуры не смогут сформировать урожай в оптимальный срок.

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