Planting tomatoes in the Urals

Planting tomatoes in the UralsThe sowing period for seeds of any kind of tomatoes will depend on the region of cultivation of this vegetable. In the southern regions of the Urals, this event is held in early February and continues until March. If your garden plot is in the northern regions of the region under consideration, then the tomatoes should be sown in the middle of March, and when the plants are sown in film unheated greenhouses, the sowing season for tomato seeds in the Urals continues from the last ten days of March to mid-April.

For sowing tomatoes, special seedlings or small pots of peat are used. After sowing, they are covered with a transparent film to create an optimal microclimate, which will accelerate the germination of the seeds. Shoots begin to appear after 5-7 days after sowing. Usually two seeds are placed in the pot, so during the development of plants, only the best of them should be left - underdeveloped and ugly ones are removed.

Tomato seedlings in the Urals must be grown for 45-50 days without diving. During this period, the young plants are refreshed with fluorescent lamps in accordance with the illumination period within 12 hours per day. During the growing of seedlings, attention should be paid to airing the room and keeping the temperature at + 18 ... + 25 degrees. Seedlings of tomatoes do not need top dressing, since the necessary amount of useful substances is introduced into the soil when sowing seeds.

Watering of young plants is carried out as needed. The optimal soil moisture in the first three weeks of vegetation is 70-75 percent, then this figure is reduced to the level of 67-70%. Moisten tomatoes with water at room temperature by sprinkling or watering plants with a thin stream of water.

Approximately two weeks from the expected planting time for seedlings of tomatoes to a permanent place (in the open ground or a greenhouse), the seedlings are lifted and the excess roots removed. Plants are separated from each other by cutting the soil into separate cubes. The day before the landing of the seedling material, abundant watering of the crops is carried out. It should be noted that for planting in a greenhouse or unprotected soil, only strong plants with a well-developed root system and a thick stalk should be selected. Planting seedlings of tomatoes in the Urals in the open ground produce when the soil warms up and passes the threat of frost.

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