Planting tomatoes in the open ground

Planting tomatoes in the open ground

Planting tomatoes in the open ground is done using pre-grown seedlings. For this, seeds of tomatoes are often sown in special pots, in order not to dive further. When diving, the root system is damaged and various infections can penetrate into the wound, so some gardeners consider this method to be the most effective. Although many on the contrary believe that it is better to dive the seedlings.

Sow tomatoes throughout March, pots choose the size of 10? 10 centimeters, in their center they arrange two pits and lay in each one seed. As a fertilizer use gutam sodium or "Ideal", which are added according to 1 and 2, spoons on a bucket of water, respectively.

Shoots appear in a week, but boxes with pots should be in a warm place with a temperature of up to 25 degrees. After emergence, plants are placed on the windowsill from the side of the room, which is most illuminated by the sun. The average temperature for further development and growth of crops should be within 14 degrees. Make sure that there are no drafts at the location of the seedlings. A week later in each pot at 100% similarity leaves the strongest plant, the weak is removed.

From the emergence of shoots to the planting of tomatoes in the open ground takes about one and a half to two months. All this time the plants need to be watered systematically, waterings are produced once a week, in large doses.

With an interval of 12 days, seedlings need to be fed. For this use a solution of nitrofosques 1st. Spoon on a bucket of water. The second time in the same amount of water add a spoonful of "Signora tomato." The last time the plant is fed for a week before planting, this time using superphosphate - 1 st. a spoon.

To plants were strong and quickly adapted to the new environment in the open ground seedlings must be hardened. To do this, it is carried to a balcony or rooms with an air temperature of at least + 10 degrees, gradually pushing the boxes out of the shade into the sun, the soil in the pots must be moist, otherwise the plants can turn yellow.

Plants for tomatoes need to be pretreated for disease prevention. To do this, before digging into the soil, apply a solution of copper sulfate, 1st. Spoon, on a bucket of water, using an 1,5 liter per m? Area. The place for tomatoes should be sunny, without the influence of cold winds, it is good to limit the access of moisture, so do not plant these plants in the lowlands, or near the surface waters. Good predecessors are root crops, legumes; Bad - potatoes and tomatoes.

Высаживать помидоры в открытый грунт нужно в конце мая, желательно в пасмурную погоду, рассаду используют свежую. Культура должна стоять вертикально, углубляют в землю только горшок, а окучивание проводят только через две недели. Среднее расстояние между рядами растений – 50 сантиметров. Сажая растения следует в дальнейшем подвязывать их к опорам, как к отдельно стоящим, так и к шпалере, например. Этот метод позволяет избежать болезней, а также достичь наиболее эффективного освещения.

With further care, it is necessary to patsy cultures, leaving 5 brushes with fruits, the rest are removed. This allows you to spend plant nutrients on the development and maturation of fruits.

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