The seedlings of tomatoes do not grow, what to do

The seedlings of tomatoes do not growEven experienced gardeners very often face such a problem that tomato seedlings abruptly stop growing. If this happens, then you do not need to panic. It is necessary to find as soon as possible what is the reason for such a sudden stop of growth, and there may be several:

  • Malnutrition,
  • Wrong picking,
  • Poor care,
  • Diseases,
  • Pests.

Having figured out why tomato seedlings do not grow, you can begin to eliminate it.

Lack of nutrition seedlings. How to eliminate the consequences?

If the plant grows poorly and develops, most likely, it does not have enough nutrition. Symptoms of deficiency of this or that element can be the following:

When there is a lack of nitrogen, the plants look stunted with a thin stalk, small pale leaves. The appearance of a red-violet hue from the underside of the leaves indicates a phosphorus deficiency. The lower leaves turned yellow at the edges and curled, which meant that there was not enough potassium. The absence of an element such as magnesium is manifested by the marbling of the leaves. In these cases, the treatment of seedlings is to carry out the necessary feeding.

With a lack of iron, tomato seedlings do not grow, because it develops chlorosis. The leaves of the plants become discolored and turn yellow. If there are such symptoms, immediately stop the seedling highlighting. In advanced cases, feed and sprinkle with iron-containing preparations.

Incorrect Picks

Another of the most common reasons for stopping the growth of seedlings is the wrong pick, namely:

  • Roots are bent.
  • Roots too severely torn or damaged,
  • When planting the roots are poorly compressed, which created air cavities next to them,

Errors in care

Рост рассады может остановиться по следующим причинам:

  • Filled seedlings suffocated from lack of oxygen.
  • The soil is not suitable.

In the first case, it is necessary to clean the drainage hole, and in its absence, transplant the remaining plants. In the second - as soon as possible to change the soil.

Diseases of seedlings

Tomato seedlings often do not grow because of diseases. The most common diseases that inhibit its growth are:

  • Root and radical rots, which lead to overflow of seedlings at low temperatures of air or soil. Urgently save the remaining seedlings by transplanting into fresh soil. Preliminary rinse the rootlets in a solution of phytosporin or lime.
  • The black leg is a common infectious disease that develops very quickly under adverse conditions.

Symptoms: darkening of the root neck, its softening and death of the plant.

Control measures: affected seedlings are watered with a weak solution of manganese potassium. Then it hills and settles more rarely. The room must be systematically ventilated. However, you can save plants only at the very first stage of the disease, so every day, inspect the seedlings.


Of pests, the most common is a spider mite, earwig or lice. Treat seedlings with phytoverm, actellicum or carbophos.

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