With what you can plant tomatoes

With what you can plant tomatoesExperienced growers note that combined planting can be considered an ideal option to save space on your site. If you know what crops grow well next to tomatoes, you can not only improve the taste of fruits, but also protect the plant from pests, accelerate development. We'll figure out what can be planted tomatoes next door on the site.

Note that some plants are completely incompatible, while others can stimulate the development of neighbors or drive away pests from it with their smell. At the moment, many tables of crop compatibility have been developed, but different sources may contradict each other. If a plant is used to support and stimulate the growth of another culture, it is called dynamic. To such it is possible to carry a camomile, valerian, millennial and known to all nettles. To plants, strengthening the root system of others, include spinach, as well as salad. Marigolds help to get rid of harmful insects.

For most vegetables, including tomatoes, combining plantings with others is considered a pledge of a rich harvest. As practice shows, corn is well developed in the neighborhood with beans or cucumbers, and white cabbage is more suitable for tomatoes and beets. A good option will be the combination of planting onions and carrots, because each of these vegetables scares typical pests of a neighbor onion and carrot flies.

When planting on the site, consider the size of the plants, because one of them needs good lighting, and the second can tolerate a slight shading. Never plant neighbors in the neighborhood, for example, tomatoes with potatoes or eggplant. In the event that a Colorado beetle or a phytophthora hits a potato, then next in turn will be eggplant or a tomato. In order to avoid the defeat of the culture under consideration, it is necessary to plant a few burdock of garlic in the neighborhood, but note that tomatoes do not like proximity to dill or kohlrabi.

Experienced horticulturalists note that the cultivation of one crop on the same site for several years leads to the depletion of the soil. As a result of the life of the plant, its growth and development slows down over several cycles, various diseases begin to manifest itself. As for tomatoes, then with them you can plant leeks, cherry, celery and parsley. Such plants will be able to protect tomato from various diseases.

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