The scheme for planting tomatoes

The scheme for planting tomatoesApproximately seven days after planting the seedlings in a hothouse room or open ground, they begin tying the crops to the trellis or stand-alone supports, but some varieties are prone to significant branching, so plants should be planted according to a previously defined scheme. Planting of crops begins at the end of April or in May, depending on the region where the vegetable is grown.

The scheme of planting tomatoes in the open ground

Many gardeners measure the distance between tomatoes "by eye", but this scheme is suitable for planting a small number of bushes. The planting scheme for tall shrubs tomatoes is as follows: bushes are planted at a distance of 40 centimeters between rows of plants, 70 centimeters between individual crops in a row, and one meter is left on the path. This method is often called multiline or band-nest, due to the fact that several rows of landings are reminiscent of lines. Much more often used square-nesting method, when at the intersection of the marker tracks are planted from one to three bushes of tomatoes.

When plants are planted in the open ground, in the case of waterlogged soil, the crops are planted on the crests of the ridges at a distance of 25-30 centimeters from each other, with a row spacing of 50-60 centimeters. To plant tomato seedlings in the soil, dig holes into the depth of the bayonet bayonet. In each of them add 50 grams of superphosphate, 30 grams of carbamide and a handful of wood ash. Seedlings need to be taken from the greenhouse or boxes before planting in a new place, otherwise it will not take root and fall behind in growth from their peers.

The scheme of planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

As for the nuances of growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is better to use tall indeterminate varieties. Such crops will occupy a vertical space, and curl upwards, and the useful area remains empty. When plants are planted in a greenhouse, the distance in a row is shortened, but regular planting of crops must be carried out in order for the plantings to gain unhindered access to sunlight. Many vegetable growers do not recommend peppers, aubergines and cucumbers to be planted next to tomatoes, because such crops require the creation of a certain microclimate.

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