After how many days do tomatoes

Through how many tomatoes riseTomatoes are considered a favorite culture for many vegetable growers. By the method of sowing into the soil, they are subdivided into crops for growing in greenhouses (mostly tall ones) and plants for unprotected soil (medium in height and undersized). It should be noted that all types of tomato varieties are almost not distinguished by the period of germination of seeds.

The scheme for planting tomatoes

The scheme for planting tomatoesApproximately seven days after planting the seedlings in a hothouse room or open ground, they begin tying the crops to the trellis or stand-alone supports, but some varieties are prone to significant branching, so plants should be planted according to a previously defined scheme. Planting of crops begins at the end of April or in May, depending on the region where the vegetable is grown.

Soaking tomato seeds before planting

Soaking tomato seeds before plantingGardeners and truck farmers should know not only the requirements for planting all kinds of plants, but also properly conduct their watering, formation and enrichment of the soil with nutrients. It should be noted that the high quality of the seeds makes it possible to get good friendly shoots, which will contribute to obtaining a rich harvest. The seeds of tomatoes are not considered an exception, so before sowing in seedlings they must be subjected to all sorts of processing.

Planting tomatoes in the Urals

Planting tomatoes in the UralsThe sowing period for seeds of any kind of tomatoes will depend on the region of cultivation of this vegetable. In the southern regions of the Urals, this event is held in early February and continues until March. If your garden plot is in the northern regions of the region under consideration, then the tomatoes should be sown in the middle of March, and when the plants are sown in film unheated greenhouses, the sowing season for tomato seeds in the Urals continues from the last ten days of March to mid-April.

Favorable days for planting tomatoes

Favorable days for planting tomatoesA significant number of gardeners conducts the procedure for growing plants marked in the lunar calendar. Scientists have noticed that the satellite of our planet has a significant impact on the intensity of development of all garden crops. It is noticed that when planting seeds or seedlings of any vegetable in an unfavorable time, a considerable number of plants die, and their yield allows one to wish for better.

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