Why die tomato seedlings

The seedlings of tomatoes are killedOwners of private garden and dacha plots that independently grow tomato seedlings can face the problem of partial death of young plants. What happens to the crops, because care of the plants includes all the necessary measures: systematic watering, placement of seedlings in well-sunlit window-sills, airing.

Soil preparation for seedlings of tomatoes

Soil for seedlings of tomatoesSowing seeds and caring for seedlings of tomatoes is a painstaking task. Such work requires certain skills, concentration and accuracy, because the quality of the resulting plants will depend on their further development in the open field or greenhouse and, of course, the harvest. Before planting a seedling, you need to decide on the type of tomatoes, choose containers (seedlings or special pots), and properly prepare the soil before sowing the seeds.

Tomato seedlings stretched, what should I do?

Sprouted seedling tomatoOne of the main problems that may appear when getting tomato seedlings at home is considered a non-standard increase in its height or stretching. In this case, the young culture becomes thin and weak, and the tomato itself does not develop well. Some of the vegetable growers throw poor-quality seedlings into garbage and go to the market to buy new tomatoes, but there are methods to protect plants.

Why the seedlings of tomatoes fall

Seedlings of tomatoes fallFalling stems of tomato seedlings can cause such a common disease of tomatoes, like a black leg. Many inexperienced vegetable growers do not always understand why young, recently strong tomato plants suddenly fell and dried up. Most often, this phenomenon occurred just after picking tomato seedlings.

Planting tomatoes on seedlings

Planting tomatoes on seedlingsObservance of all rules of cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes will allow to receive a good crop of this vegetable. It should be taken into account the fact that not all gardeners receive quality seedlings, so the yield of their crops may be somewhat less than expected. Note that for growing young tomato plants at home, you need to properly prepare the soil, purchase containers for planting plants, and select the seeds of tomatoes.

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