How to accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings

Accelerate the growth of tomato seedlingsБывают случаи, когда время высадки помидоров на постоянное место все ближе, а рассада не торопиться расти, и слишком мала для своего возраста. Какие действия можно предпринять, чтобы ускорить рост рассады помидоров, при этом, не навредив им? Существует несколько безопасных способов стимулирования роста рассады.

Care of seedlings of tomatoes

Care of seedlings of tomatoesIn order to grow good tomatoes that will yield a high yield, it is not enough just to plant seeds, they need to be taken care of. And special attention should be given to seedlings, because only from healthy seedlings can grow a strong plant, which will give a good harvest. Care of seedlings of tomatoes is not at all complicated: it is enough to maintain optimal conditions and to produce all necessary procedures on time.

Planting of tomato seedlings into the ground

Planting tomatoes seedlingsBefore planting seedlings of tomatoes in a permanent place, that is, in the ground, it is necessary to prepare everything properly, in order to avoid later unpleasant moments. The first stage is the selection of the site, we will begin with it.

The most optimal choice will be a site on which cucumbers, onions, beans or cabbage previously grew. The site itself should be sunny and located on a hill to avoid high soil moisture.

The seedlings of tomatoes do not grow, what to do

The seedlings of tomatoes do not growEven experienced gardeners very often face such a problem that tomato seedlings abruptly stop growing. If this happens, then you do not need to panic. It is necessary to find as soon as possible what is the reason for such a sudden stop of growth, and there may be several:

Pickling tomatoes seedlings

Pickling tomatoes seedlingsAfter the appearance of the first shoots, the picking time of the tomato seedlings is approaching. Experienced truck farmers have long considered the simplest procedure and do not attach much importance to it, but those who are just beginning to master the cultivation of tomatoes are a little afraid. How to make a picking correctly, so that it was beneficial to seedlings of tomatoes, and not to harm? Picking tomato seedlings

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