Tomato seedlings turn yellow, what to do

Tomato seedlings turn yellowQuite often, gardeners are experienced and do not have to deal with the fact that in a healthy seedling at first glance, the leaves begin to turn yellow. In no event should this fact be ignored. In this way, the plant informs you of impending problems. So why do the tomato leaves turn yellow and what actions need to be taken?

Watering tomato seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoesWater - the source of life, because it is necessary for all living things for proper and full development. Tomatoes are no exception, to form healthy and quality seedlings they need proper watering, which consists in moderation.

What threatens drought?

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

Top dressing of tomato seedlingsTo obtain a rich, and, most importantly, high-quality yield of tomatoes, a good quality seedling is required, which involves a short, thick stem and a low-lying first brush. When using fertile soil during sowing, it is not difficult to get such seedlings, but if the soil is poor in nutrients, then it is necessary to carry out feeding.

Late blight of tomatoes

Signs of late blight of tomatoesWith the development of such a disease, as late blight of tomatoes, it is harmful to both leaves, stems and fruits. In some cases, this results in the fact that the tomatoes for 1-2 days acquire a black color, after which they soften and rot. Leave such tomatoes for storage and canning is not recommended. Favorable conditions for the development of late blight arise with significant diurnal temperature changes, fall of autumn cold dew, as well as thickened plantings.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Tomatoes in the greenhouseWhen growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, with the onset of autumn, when the entire crop is harvested, they make a digging of the soil in the greenhouse to a depth of 25-30. In the spring, however, a second digging with fertilization is done, if the like is not taken care of in the autumn, after which the earth is covered with a film Preferably dark), which will accelerate the process of heating the soil.

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