Growing tomatoes in the open ground

Tomatoes in the open groundWhen growing tomatoes in the open, there is no particular need to hurry with the planting of seedlings. In the absence of shelters, the transplant should not begin before 5-10 June.

Attention should also be paid to the preparation of the soil mixture, which must be started from the autumn.

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoesThe main sign on the basis of which tomatoes can be included in this group is the weight that should not exceed 25. In principle, this is indicated by the very name of the variety group, in fact the cherry tomatoes (from the English cherry) in English - "cherry". In this regard, and the fruits belonging to this group, look almost the same as this berry. Among the distinctive features of the tomato of this variety is the resistance to cracking and the simultaneous achievement of the ripeness stage.

Top dressing of tomatoes

Top dressing of tomatoes during fruitingEveryone knows that top dressing of tomatoes positively affects their growth and development. And the main reason for this is that this culture is included in the group of leaders among vegetables, able to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the feeding. But it is always necessary to observe the measure, since the correct approach to the cultivation of tomatoes perfectly describes the principle of "better underfeed than overfeed". Having behind me many years of tomato cultivation experience, I managed to develop my own tomato feeding system.

Pests of tomatoes

Spider mite on tomatoesPests of tomatoes cause serious damage to the crop. In this article, we describe the main pests of tomatoes, and also explain how to deal with them.

Whitefly on tomatoes

This is a small insect, about 1 millimeter, yellow in color with white wings. These pests come from the tropics, so they affect the crops mainly in the greenhouse, because there the most comfortable conditions for their development and growth - heat and humidity.

Planting tomatoes in the open ground

Planting tomatoes in the open ground

Planting tomatoes in the open ground is done using pre-grown seedlings. For this, seeds of tomatoes are often sown in special pots, in order not to dive further. When diving, the root system is damaged and various infections can penetrate into the wound, so some gardeners consider this method to be the most effective. Although many on the contrary believe that it is better to dive the seedlings.

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