Rot on tomatoes

Rot on a tomato

The appearance of rot on tomatoes is usually caused by late blight. This disease is caused by a fungus that affects tomatoes not only in the open ground, but also in greenhouses. Infection can persist for a long time in the soil, copper salts are used to eliminate it.

Outbreaks of the disease often causes accumulated moisture, if the plants are in a greenhouse, then this disease can cause sudden temperature fluctuations. Moisture on plants accumulates due to condensation on the film.

Why Tomatoes Crack

Tomatoes are cracked

Many people are engaged in growing tomatoes in greenhouses. In July, the fetuses often appear cracks, they have a circular arrangement on the green fruit, and on the brown cracks longitudinal. Some are wondering - what is the cause of this phenomenon and why do tomatoes crack?

There are several reasons. First of all, these are the genetic roots of the plant. Some varieties with dense fruits or yellow coloring tend to crack more than varieties that have soft fruits. Also, this may depend on the weather, with a significant difference in night and daytime temperatures.

Growing tomatoes seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoes

Tomato is a fairly thermophilic plant and therefore plant them immediately in the soil with seeds in our area, hoping to get a crop is meaningless. Cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes with subsequent planting it into the soil allows achieving good yields even in the most southerly areas. But in order to grow a strong planting material, it is necessary to adhere to the right technology, know how and when to plant tomatoes on seedlings and send them on time to the beds in time.

How to trim tomatoes

Pruning tomatoesFor normal development, tomatoes need good lighting, and any shading affects them negatively. With a sufficiently thick planting pattern, neighboring plants create shading between each other, as a result of which they begin to fight for light. This leads to the fact that the whips are directed upward, thereby trying to arrange their leaves in a space where there is no shadow. Simultaneously, the plant spends its energy on building up the green mass, from which the fruits suffer.

Why tomatoes are not tied up

Do not tie tomatoesI think many farmers are familiar with the situation when tomatoes begin to bloom without any problems, but this all ends and the ovaries can not be seen. We will try to find out why such "failures" are connected and why tomatoes are not tied.

Tomatoes are a type of vegetable crops, which for normal growth and development need heat. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that, hurrying to plant them in the open ground, we sometimes do not see the fruits.

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