Care of seedlings of tomatoes

Care of seedlings of tomatoesIn order to grow good tomatoes that will yield a high yield, it is not enough just to plant seeds, they need to be taken care of. And special attention should be given to seedlings, because only from healthy seedlings can grow a strong plant, which will give a good harvest. Care of seedlings of tomatoes is not at all complicated: it is enough to maintain optimal conditions and to produce all necessary procedures on time.

The most favorable conditions for the growth of seedlings are:

  1. Maintain the temperature regime within 18-25 ° C during the day and 8-10 ° C at night.
  2. Seedlings of tomatoes do not like dry air, so it is necessary to raise humidity artificially. To do this, you can put a damp towel on the battery, and put its end into a box of water.
  3. Always rotate the box with seedlings so that sunlight falls evenly on all plants. Early sown tomatoes are necessarily highlighted throughout March in the morning and in the evening.

Care carefully during care Watering tomato seedlings. You need to start it in 2-3 days after the appearance of most seedlings. Subsequent watering is carried out as the soil dries. Remember: the older and spreading the plant, the more water is needed for irrigation.

If the plant looks healthy, and when planting a highly fertile soil was used, it is sufficient to carry out only one additional feeding. However, if there are signs of a lack of nutrition: growth retardation, changes in the color of the leaves, seedlings need to be fed at least twice.

Spiking a seedlings is an obligatory procedure when caring for it. It promotes the development of a healthy and powerful root system. Pickling tomatoes seedlings Is conducted with the advent of 2-3 of these leaflets.

Immediately after the picking, it is necessary to lower the temperature of the air and give up irrigation literally for 4-5 days. As soon as you notice that the seedlings have taken root and went to growth, you can put it in a warm place.

Когда растения достигнут 20-25 см, их можно аккуратно подокучить. За две недели до Planting tomato seedlings in the ground It is necessary to increase ventilation, reduce watering and begin hardening. For 2-3 days before landing on a permanent place, seedlings need to be sprayed with the drug "Obereg b". It activates the immunity of plants and helps less painfully to transfer the change of conditions.

Did the plants suddenly disappear? - Sometimes it happens. How to care for tomato seedlings in this situation? Try using "Humate". Fertilizer mobilizes the immune system of seedlings and stimulates root growth. Carefully excavate the diseased bushes and put them in water with the addition of humate. Literally in a couple of days the seedlings will feel better: the roots will move upward, and the leaves and stem will return to normal. After that, they can be planted again in the ground, and subsequently they will necessarily bring a decent harvest.

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