In what soil to plant tomatoes

In what soil to plant tomatoesTomato is considered one of the most favorite vegetables, so the dream of any trucker is to get high yields. Tomatoes can be grown outdoors or in greenhouses. With good care for this culture, you can achieve significant harvests.

Cultivation of tomatoes begins with seeding the prepared seeds. Typically, these procedures are carried out for a couple of months from the expected time of planting young plants in the open ground or a greenhouse. The willingness of seedlings to transplant to a new place can be determined by the appearance of inflorescences. In this article, we will figure out what kind of soil it is better to plant tomatoes and with the choice of a place for this, which will best meet this goal.

Specialists note that for planting the crops in question the best part is a sunny area, protected by plantations from the influence of cold northern winds. As for the characteristics of the soil, it must have good aeration, which will improve the access of water and oxygen to the root system of plants. Similar properties have light sandy loamy soils with a pH level of not more than 6,5. Heavy soils, for example loam, need to improve the structure, so they are diluted with sand. Good predecessors for planting tomatoes are cucumbers and cabbage, which in the course of development brought to the earth the necessary nutrients.

Prepare the soil in the fall period after harvesting the preceding crops. In suburban areas, the ground is dug onto the spade bayonet with a preliminary compost or humus application. To carry out this work, you can use small-scale mechanization, such as a motor-block. Before Planting tomatoes into the ground It is necessary to make mineral fertilizers (superphosphate or potassium chloride). Such useful substances will quickly dissolve in the soil, which will create the maximum effect, allowing you to get good harvests.

During the development of plants, the soil on which tomatoes are planted requires constant loosening, to improve aeration, and to remove weeds and regular Watering tomatoes. With all the rules for caring for tomatoes, you get rich harvests of large and beautiful fruits.

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